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Logo Design for Construction Logo – Oakmont Townhouse in Canada

Oakmont Townhouse is a townhouse construction company that has been investing and building stunning townhouses. For this reputable brand, we wanted to highlight the best features when designing a logo. At first, our highly skilled and experienced graphic designers at Eggs Media came up with a couple of different sketches mixing and matching type and symbol styles to see what would work with each design. The client wanted the logo to be extremely modern. Our graphic design team was mainly focused on housing as the main symbol, and with clients’ instructions in mind, the final product turned out highly modern representing this brand in the best light possible. The new logo is very clean and is expected to be used as a major branding material in many areas such as print, social media, advertising, etc. It will definitely represent a true identity of this brand and will bring major interest to this successful, experienced and reputable construction company.

CATEGORY: Identity
INDUSTRY: Construction
PROJECT DATE: January, 2017