VST Cars


vst electric cars website design

Website Design for Automobile Website – VST Cars in Europe

VST Cars are the entrepreneur company invented the first racing electric car. They used an old BMW car and improved it significantly so that it was ready for races. This client contacted us asking if we can help in presenting their brand online. They needed a website as well as they wanted us to help with branding. Our Eggs Media team was very excited to start working on this project. We conducted thorough research to find out more about the automobile industry, the client’s market and its competitors. Once we collected the relevant information, we then started with the development. The focus in creating this website was on making it modern, clean, responsive to the best representation of this successful brand. We worked on the website’s loading speed to make sure it runs quickly and smoothly. We did a photography session for this client and the photos were nicely incorporated onto into the website. Our team used special effects, visual graphic elements and powerful, appealing colours in order to give this company an online voice. The website created for VST Cars is powerful, engaging and bold such as the electric racing car itself.

INDUSTRY: Automotive
PROJECT DATE: August, 2011