Odd Jobs & Trades


odd jobs and trades logo design

Logo Design for Odd Jobs and Trades in Canada

Odd Jobs and Trades is a successful home improvement service company that has been successfully connecting homeowners with local home professionals. For our graphic design Toronto team, designing a strong graphic brand identity is one of the most fulfilling responsibilities in graphic design. It is an opportunity to produce something that will be used on social media or in advertising and branding in general. In this case, we wanted to make a beautiful representation of this home improvement service company. Our graphic design team at Eggs Media focused from the start on the true identity of this brand which is helping others in home-related tasks. With this in mind, and after in-depth discussion with the client, we created a simple, yet modern and clean looking logo that is easy to understand and notice in many different places. This unique logo will certainly bring success to this brand.

INDUSTRY: Home Improvement
PROJECT DATE: December, 2016