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US Cargo Link is a successful transportation logistics company with over 25 years of experience. They offer freight shipping through the United States and Canada at a competitively low rate. The US Cargo Link in the USA client awarded Eggs Media to perform a complete overhaul of their existing website. The existing website was outdated and missing many online opportunities. Before starting with the development, we first performed research about the company, its competitors and the market in general. We followed our research of the user data and analyzed top competitor websites to better understand the market. With gathered data, we moved on to the mockup creation and once it has been approved, we started with website development. Our Eggs Media web design and development used WordPress as CMS for the best user experience, functionality and performance. The final product resulted in a highly professional, up-to-date website that represents this brand in the best possible light. A new US Cargo Link website performs well and without any errors. Combining high-resolution photos, graphic elements and a unique colour palette, we managed to create an engaging online representation of this company.

INDUSTRY: Transportation
PROJECT DATE: April, 2019