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Website Redesign for Photography Website – Flofoto in Canada

Flofoto is a Toronto and Sudbury duo that is always focused on capturing precious life moments. They share a deep appreciation for the unique and beautiful moments and they deliver a timeless and unique product. The team at Flofoto reached out to us asking for advice on how to improve their online presence. They already had a website so the main idea was to make it better. Once our team started reviewing the existing site, they started facing many issues so the best solution was to do a complete overhaul and create an entirely new site. Having in mind the existing website had over a dozen high-resolution photos, our team’s main focus was to ensure the website performs well and loads quickly. The newly revamped website also needed to be viewable on different devices – mobile, tablet, desktop so that visitors could quickly find the information they are looking for. Despite all the technical aspects we covered, we also made sure to create a wonderful presentation of this amazing team. The final product is highly functional, yet stunning.

INDUSTRY: Photography
PROJECT DATE: December, 2018