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Let us introduce our experts in web design & development, SEO, content writing and more. We are eager to start working with you on your project!

baldo eggsmedia team


Operations Ninja

Baldo has got startlingly impressive experience in web design and business development. He strives for the highest quality, putting the finishing touches on a project and making sure everything is up to standards. He is also a dedicated soccer fan and sports enthusiast.

michael eggs media team


Meeting Getter

Michael obsesses over the user experience to ensure the product crafted in Eggs Media factory is the best it could be. When he is not working, he spends his time following creative pursuits like golfing and playing hockey.

andy eggsmedia team


Task Ticker

As a project lead, Andy is all about planning, strategizing and managing projects from start to completion ensuring everything runs smoothly. He is a big fan of Formula 1 and eagerly follows the automotive industry trends.

ryan eggsmedia team


Lead Code Wizard

Ryan is our local PHP resident passionate about programming. With his creative mind and coding experience, he has been eagerly creating many custom applications. Ryan is our mastermind for solving challenging issues. He enjoys PlayStation and hanging out with friends.

anthony eggsmedia team


WP Guru

Anthony is a true WordPress addict and PHP enthusiast. With broad knowledge and rich experience under his belt, he continually delivers top-notch, unique website solutions for clients. He loves travelling, hiking, and spending time outdoors and his favourite place to be are the mountains.

frank eggsmedia team


Full Stack Magician

Frank is our programming guru who enjoys finding a solution to the most complex challenges in web development. He finds inspiration in music and in his free time is often found playing the acoustic guitar or exploring new music notes to impress everyone (but mostly his wife of course).

joanne eggsmedia team


Idea Inker

Joanne is a creative soul and out-of-the-box thinker. She is all about the design. Literally. What she enjoys the most is giving a new, vibrant and fresh look to an old website. Inspired by art and nature she finds her passion in everyday life. She is a dreamer, dog lover, fitness enthusiast, and eternal optimist.

marin eggsmedia team


Graphic Crafter

As an artistic soul, Marin is always focused on creating a real magic through his wonderful designs. Proud of his Croatian roots, Australia born, and living in Toronto – this unique combination stands as a promising background that only brings success.

ayden eggs media team


Copy Cruncher

Ayden is a top notch writer with over a decade of writing experience in digital and non-digital environment. He is the expert in creating an engaging content that helps people learn new things and understand complex topics. Outside of work he enjoys a good movie or a live comedy show.

marco eggs media team


Analytics Officer

Our data oriented thinker, Marco is creative in finding solutions to problems and an expert at providing thorough analytics. Outside of the analytics world this wine enthusiast can be found in his vineyard exploring various grapes.