Media Construction of Reality: A Sociological Research


sociological research book cover design

Book Cover Design for Media Construction of Reality

NOt only we create stunning websites, but we are also experts in graphic design. Our Eggs Media agency had an opportunity to design a book cover for Media Construction of Reality sociological research series. Designing a book cover is an interesting and exciting challenge and we appreciate the chance to get involved with this. The client presented their ideas and wishes so that we know exactly what the book is about. We wanted to create something professional and sophisticated. The final product needed to represent this book purpose in the best light possible. Our Eggs Media graphic design played with meaningful colours, shades and contrasts to grab and keep a book buyer’s attention. We made this book cover also a slightly dramatic, but engaging. The bold and effective details were created to send the right message to the right audience. We played ith warm and soft colours as well as with other significant elements. The overall visual look and feel of the Media Construction of Reality sociological research series book cover is powerful, communicative and highly effective. Our Eggs Media team did an awesome job when designing a book cover for this successful client.

INDUSTRY: Sociology
PROJECT DATE: January, 2015