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croatian concerts in canada logo design
Project Description

Logo design for the music web portal

The client at – Croatian concerts in Canada promoting live Croatian concerts in Canada, reached out to us wanting us to build the brand new website, and they also required a new logo design as a true representation of their newly launched event portal. What our creative logo design experts had in mind was a simple, yet powerful design which would blend nicely into the website. By using only 2 main colours, we came up with the beautiful modern concept which this client would proudly use for many branding purposes such as business cards, social media, promo material, etc. This unique logo has been incorporated into the website and it’s a first thing visitors see when entering and wanting to check out on recent news, trends or events. With the new logo creation, the client has reported great success in getting more people interested in their unique brand. was last modified: January 29th, 2019 by eggsmedia
Project Details
DateJanuary, 2015