fitness management software system

Website Design for Fitness BI Website in the USA

Fitness BI is a fitness management software system that combines all management applications into one dashboard and it’s the ultimate software for fitness club owners. When our web development team Toronto was first introduced to this client, they realized how complex and unique their fitness program truly is. During the process of building this website, we wanted to ensure all the latest web design trends are met and procedures followed by creating a highly functional, responsive and truly bold website. Our team at Eggs Media was working closely with the client from the start to completion as the client already had some guidelines and directions they wanted us to transform into a live website. Our web development team strictly followed their unique requirements and were able to implement various tools and plugins for the client to be able to make changes to the website once it went live. Our team developed custom elements in order to fit the client’s design requirements. The website is developed mobile-first using the latest technologies at the time. Our team also optimized the code and did compressions and minifications in order to improve the performance and loading speed of the website. Once the website was up, we continued providing ongoing technical support.

INDUSTRY: Sports & Fitness
PROJECT DATE: March, 2017