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Website Redesign for Technology Website – TAI in Canada

TAI is a company that offers an all-in-one reinsurance administration software solution. This unique administration software solution could bring a notable benefit for various companies and different areas of expertise. This successful and experienced company specialized in administration software and systems, required a unique approach to their website design project. Having this in mind, our creative team implemented the latest trends in web design in order to build an efficient, beautiful, modern and clean looking website that can present this brand in the best possible light. Working closely with the client throughout the entire web design process, we simply focused on designing a website that would show their experience, professionalism, and expertise in reinsurance administration software and systems. The website is developed mobile-first using Sass preprocessors and tools to minify and compress the stylesheets and scripts. This way we improved the performance and loading time of the website. Some parts of the website were optimized for the upcoming versions of PHP 7.x. so the website would be even faster after the PHP updates. The newly redesigned website has already been attracting a significant number of visitors wanting to learn more about the TAI brand.

INDUSTRY: Technology