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Website Design for Doors & Windows Website – ViewMax Windows in Canada

ViewMax is a Canadian hybrid vinyl aluminum windows and doors manufacturer. Their products combine traditional doors and windows manufacturing processes with modern information technology. They specialize in high-quality German know-how windows and doors focused on energy-saving. The client at ViewMax reached out to our team at Eggs Media looking for a brand new website. They wanted a clean, modern website that is also highly functional, responsive and has a fast loading speed. Our team brainstormed and found the best solution that will bring light to this doors and windows company. We combined large high-resolution images, call to action sections and some interactive elements to create a stunning and modern website. We followed the client’s branding colour to achieve the best possible representation of this company and their expertise. We also worked on the responsiveness of this website as many potential viewers will most likely be browsing through the website on their phones or tablet devices. Our development team at Eggs Media made sure that the latest trends in web design and development are followed and functionality standards met.

INDUSTRY: Home Improvement
PROJECT DATE: February, 2020