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Brochure Cover Design for Automobile Company – CaronAuto

Caron Auto is a car dealer from Ottawa. With many years of experience, they have been a leading provider in the area and beyond. The client at CaronAuto contacted us at Eggs Media requiring a brochure design for their well-known company. Our creative graphic design Toronto team quickly started implementing ideas into various concepts, one of which was a winning solution for this business. CaronAuto Sales company decided to go with a lovely concept with a strong human touch to point out the best in their brand. Other details and elements were nicely blended into this bold design to successfully represent this company. The client was extremely happy with our design and a quick turn-around service so they decided to work with us on more projects in the future. They received wonderful feedback from their clients and also reported a number of prospects were becoming valuable clients. Since we nailed the brochure cover design, the client decided to award us with the entire branding of their business which included business card design and logo design. In the process of designing a logo for this client, we followed a similar layout as in the brochure to show the full potential of this brand. It’s never easy to create something unique due to many competitors. However, communication and creativity is the key to making the whole process easy and productive. We made sure communication was running smoothly from the start to finish.

INDUSTRY: Automotive
PROJECT DATE: December, 2012