Daydream Drinks


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Website Design for Food & Beverage Website – Daydream Drinks in Canada

The Daydream Drinks team is focused on creating consumer-friendly beverages infused with hemp extracts and adaptogens. Their sparkling water beverage is proudly made in Canada and can help with reducing stress and fatigue and increase focus. The team at Daydream Drinks contacted us requiring a new fresh website for their unique brand. They presented their ideas along with requirements to us so that we could understand their mission better. Our Eggs Media team focused on learning more about Daydream’s brand and after conducting thorough research, we started with the development. We used the most recent technology innovation trends in order to create a website that will highlight the importance of this brand. Our experienced and professional team of designers and developers incorporated valuable content with graphic elements to produce a perfect and engaging layout. We were able to achieve a cheerful, colourful, fresh website that promotes this brand significantly. By following packaging colours and design, we were able to create a similar layout for the best online visual presence. We also ensured the website is fully functional, viewable on all devices – desktop, mobile and tablet and performs amazingly.

INDUSTRY: Food & Beverage
PROJECT DATE: June, 2019