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Villa Enya

Villa Enya
luxury villa web design
Project Description

Website design for Villa Enya

Villa Enya is a luxury villa accommodation located at 2 different addresses: Brampton (Ontario, Canada) and Naples (Florida, United States). The Villa Enya owners reached out to our web design company Toronto wanting us to create a simple, modern and informative website that would represent these 2 beautiful properties in the best light possible. The main focus, in the process of developing this website, was on the pure luxury and total relaxation the Villa Enya has to offer. To show this, our team at Eggs Media used large high-resolution images to create a gallery looking layout to be in the focus for every visitor entering this lovely website. We also worked extensively on the website’s speed to ensure all the images are loading quickly without impacting the performance of the website in general. The client reported a great success as they have been receiving many inquiries since the website has been published.

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Project Details
ClientVilla Enya
DateAugust, 2016