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Website Design for Printing Website – QSQ Giclee in Canada

QSQ has is known as one of Toronto’s premier giclee printing providers. Not only they offer giclee printing services, but even more. The QSQ Giclee client reached out to Eggs Media to inquire about the speed improvement on their existing website. However, the website was very outdated and needed a complete overhaul in order for it to perform better and faster. First, we performed in-depth research to learn more about this brand. After that, our experienced and knowledgeable development team at Eggs Media combined large graphic elements, high-resolution images and appealing content to create an outstanding website that the QSQ client is now proud of. We worked on the website speed making sure the overall performance is perfect. We also tested the newly developed website on all devices so that customers can reach out to QSQ at any time, while home or on the go. In comparison with the old website, the improvement is significantly noticeable. We are confident that this client will be getting many visitors that will turn into customers.

INDUSTRY: Printing
PROJECT DATE: March, 2020