Zebra Point


zebra point logo design

Logo Design for Hospitality Logo – Zebra Point in the USA

Zebra Point is a popular coffee shop providing a warm and inviting space for people interested in delicious food, good coffee and nice conversation. They also have been hosting various events on a weekly basis. visitors can enjoy listening to young singers/bands, participating in workshops, etc. The Zebra Point client reached out to our team at Eggs Media inquiring about logo creation. They required an elegant and modern representation of their brand. It also had to have the purpose of reaching out to the proper audience by being engaging and inviting. Our skilled graphic design team at Eggs Media took some time to research all the requirements and wishes from the client. Once all the information has been gathered, our team started with logo creation. The typography of a new logo works well with the colours. The overall logo concept works well with the harmony of this coffee shop. We ensured the final product sends the right message to the desired audience by making this logo concept inviting and powerful. The client was happy with the result and decided to award Eggs Media to take a lead when it comes to their branding which included business card design, brochure and banner design. In the process of designing a logo for a client, or when dealing with branding, there may be many challenges since there are a lot of competitors and it’s not easy to create something unique. However, the communication is key to making the entire process easy and successful.

INDUSTRY: Hospitality
PROJECT DATE: March, 2011