Venture Dawn


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Website Design for Technology website – Venture Dawn

Venture Dawn in Canada is a firm connecting entrepreneurs and investors for the best business strategy. The client at Venture Dawn reached out to us requesting a complete overhaul of their existing website. The existing website was experiencing major performance issues, was not viewable on mobile devices and it was not user-friendly. The website was extremely outdated and it was hurting the business. Our experienced and skilled Eggs Media team reviewed all the requirements and conducted in-depth research to find out more about the client and the market in general. We performed usability issues testing and the website was on the lower end. Using the right strategy, we focused on the development and created a wonderful presentation of this business. We optimized the website and ensured it is fully responsive and viewable on all devices – desktop, mobile or tablet. We also improved website loading speed and achieved the best overall performance. The newly revamped website is now running smoothly and without any errors. Our Eggs Media professionals followed best practices when it comes to web design and development to help us achieve a successful final product.

INDUSTRY: Technology
PROJECT DATE: December, 2018