Algebra Homes Construction


construction company logo design

Logo Design for Construction Logo – Algebra Homes in Canada

The client at Algebra Homes – a successful and experienced construction company, reached out to us with a new logo concept in mind. Our experienced and talented graphic design Toronto team at Eggs Media focused on getting more information about this company which was essential for us to understand what exactly the client had in mind for this project. After finding out more about this brand, we started creating a graphic design concept that would be the best possible visual presentation of their brand. This successful company wanted their new logo to be clean, modern and unique, so we focused on producing exactly what they have imagined. By using only the two main colours (red and black), we created a final concept. The new Algebra Homes Construction logo can be used for many purposes. The client has reported a significant interest in their valuable brand since the new logo was created.

INDUSTRY: Construction
PROJECT DATE: November, 2014