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TetraSOLV Filtration

TetraSOLV Filtration
tetrasolv filtration solutions eggsmedia
Project Description

Redesigned website for TetraSOLV

TetraSOLV Filtration is a leading company focused mainly on providing different filtration solutions and relevant equipment. They reached out to us requesting a re-design of their existing website. Keeping in mind that this company has proudly and successfully fabricated and serviced various multimedia filters for over twenty years, and by following the client’s specific needs, our team at Eggs Media developed a simple, modern, user-friendly and highly functional website. The main intention was to create an informative website that would highlight the area of expertise this company is involved in, as well as many years of experience in the field. When designing this particular website, our web design team focused on simplicity and used just a few basic colours, high-resolution images and some compelling features to display a vast variety of TetraSOLV filtering products and equipment. The client at TetraSOlV Filtration has been receiving excellent feedback for their lovely website. Our team done a really good job making the website mobile-first and responsive on all required devices. They also did a good amount of work optimizing the website’s performance, setting up caching and scripts compression.

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Project Details
ClientTetraSOLV Filtration
DateMay, 2017