Adesse Legal Services


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Adesse Legal Services is a professional corporation providing legal services related to motor vehicle accidents. They can assist if someone has suffered injuries as a result of a motor vehicle accident. The Adesse Legal Services in Canada client reached out to us requesting a website redesign of their existing website. The existing website was seriously outdated which was hurting the business. Before starting with the development, we collected all the relevant information about this legal services corporation. We also made sure we understand their requirements fully. Our Eggs Media web design and development team performed a complete overhaul of the Adesse Legal Services website and was capable to achieve a high-performance, optimized and responsive website. We improved website loading speed significantly and improved visual feel by adding specific high-resolution photos and rich textual content. We used graphic elements and appealing colours in order to give this business an online voice. The final website product created in our Eggs Media factory represents the true meaning of this corporation. The new website is professional, attractive and appealing to visitors. Online visitors are now able to find exactly what they’re looking for easily and quickly.

PROJECT DATE: July, 2019