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CloudSavvy Consulting

CloudSavvy Consulting
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Project Description

Website design for CloudSavvy Consulting

This CloudSavvy Consulting – the IT consulting services and communications company reached out to us requesting a brand new website that would highlight the significance and improve the online visual appearance of their consulting business. Following clients unique needs and requirements, first, we created a new logo, after which we delivered a beautiful, clean, simple and modern looking website. We used our own research and many years of expertise to create the best online experience possible for future visitors. This website is based on WordPress as CMS and is highly functional and user-friendly. The logo blends nicely into the website’s layout. For this consulting business, simplicity was key and our web design team focused on using very light colours and other web design details to point out the best in this brand. The client at CloudSavvy Consulting has experienced many visitors and excellent feedback since the new website has been launched.

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Project Details
ClientCloudSavvy Consulting
DateJuly, 2017