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Website Redesign of Non-Profit Website – Rescue Road Trips

Rescue Road Trips are non-profit in the USA with the mission to provide low-cost transport services for rescue dogs. They provide humane road trips for homeless and unloved dogs facing many challenges along the way. Once the client at Rescue Road Trips reached out to us, we felt a deep appreciation and were thankful for the opportunity to work with them. They already had a website, however, it was seriously outdated, non-responsive, slow and visually non-appealing. They wanted us to do a major overhaul and build the website that will be engaging, warm, inviting. Our team at Eggs Media first performed in-depth research and some technical testing needed to make sure we are off to a good start. We first created a mockup for this client and once it was approved, we started working on website development. The major challenge in this process was to create a tracking system that will keep track of the Rescue Road Trips vehicles. This tool needed to perform accurately. Our web design and development team managed to incorporate this tool successfully. We also made certain the website is viewable on all devices such as desktop, tablet or mobile s that visitors can find information while on the go as well as from the confrot of their chair. The website is now fully optimized, tested for performance issue and everything is now working smoothly.

INDUSTRY: Non-profit
PROJECT DATE: February, 2018