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Logo Design for Health Care Logo – CPR 4 You in the USA

The CPR 4 You client reached out to us asking for a new improved logo design for their company. They already had a logo, however, it was seriously outdated and significantly hurting their brand. The exiting logo consisted of mainly dark colours that did not represent this brand at all. They reached out to us at Eggs Media asking for fresh ideas on how to represent their brand in the best possible way. They wanted us to redo their old logo since it looked old and plain. Therefore, our graphic design team came up with the idea to include and point out red colour accents. This idea was quite strict and elegant. The concept of the logo had to follow the main idea. Our graphic design team at Eggs Media collaborated closely with the client at CPR 4 You with main intention the client is aware of each and every step in the creation of a new logo. Our experienced team managed to produce a highly competitive product which leads to increasing brand identity and attracting the audience. The overall logo layout is clean and simple, but the colours used are powerful and engaging with the intention of sending the right message to the right audience. The new logo is modern and beautiful. Our creative graphic design team at Eggs Media managed to deliver the best possible final solution for this health care service.

INDUSTRY: Health Care
PROJECT DATE: August, 2010