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Website Design for Retail Website – Fjarn in the USA

Fjarn is a brother-sister duo focused on simple styles when it comes to children’s clothing that is especially suitable for travel. With children in mind, they created a simple, minimalistic capsule wardrobe perfect for daily clothing choices. The team at Fjarn reached out to us with all the requirements asking us to create a new website that will represent the uniqueness of their brand. First, we conducted in-depth research about the specific nature of this brand, its mission and its vision. Secondly, we created a mockup and after the client’s approval, we started with the development. Our web design and development team at Eggs Media was able to build a fully functional, user-friendly, mobile and tablet-ready (responsive) website. We spent a significant amount of time in order to improve the website’s loading speed to ensure visitors find relevant information quickly and without frustration. We’ve built an online shop that was categorized specifically for Fjarn’s brand and its wonderful clothing selection. We also performed website optimization which also improved website loading speed. The beautiful and professional website created for Fjarn represents this brand in the best light possible and can only bring future success.

PROJECT DATE: August, 2019