September 03, 2017

SEO Toronto Company Tips to Improve SEO Rankings

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Would you say your SEO strategy works? Have you been getting results from your website? If you’d like to succeed in this area, you may change your approach. There is much more to SEO than keywords. Stop spending your time focusing on keywords only and introduce other factors that affect SEO ranking. In this article, read SEO Toronto company tips to help you get more leads.

What is important for you and your business is to get visitors to stay on your website and actually want to learn more about your brand, products or services. You have to ensure your site is useful, effective, memorable and error-free. By covering these critical aspects, not only you will improve your website’s usability, but your SEO rankings will improve significantly.

SEO Toronto tips for better rankings on Google

1. Relevant content

No visitor will spend time on your website if the content is not useful. When you provide valuable content, it’s more likely that visitors will spend a significant amount of time on your website. Also, if they bookmark your article, it will improve your SEO ranking. Provide educative, interesting content, and your visitors will come back in the future. They might share your articles as well which also improves your ranking on Google. People love infographics because they make complex information that is easy to share, easy to understand and eye-catching. Include these colourful graphic elements in your website content to add some fun and shareability and improve SEO. Contact our SEO Toronto company to learn more. We also offer SEO content writing Toronto services.

2. Site speed

Google takes loading speed into account in their website ranking algorithm. Not only your visitors will leave immediately, but they may never go back to your website if its load speed is slow. That would hurt your SEO ranking. Make sure your site is clear of errors and contains high-quality, easy-to-load images and graphics. Reduce plugins, as well as verify that the code is clean. Image optimization can also help. Using proper keywords for image optimization can improve usability and user engagement. Learn more about website speed here.

3. User-friendly

Visitors must be able to browse through your website quickly, jumping from one page to another, to read articles, open videos, etc. That may not be possible if your site is visually and structurally too complicated. Make sure they find relevant content easily and rapidly. To make this process easier, use different categories.

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4. Multimedia

Videos, images, infographics, and audio can improve the user experience significantly. Also, this could help you deliver valuable information focusing on your ideal website visitors. They also greatly improve SEO ranking. Videos get the attention of visitors quickly and efficiently. They allow visitors to spend more time on your website and are easy to share.

5. Mobile optimization

Making your site mobile-friendly is mandatory for SEO. As of 2015, Google has started to penalize non-responsive websites by bouncing down their ranking. Since the use of smartphones and tablets has increased substantially, it’s important that the site experience is suitable for various devices. Conversion rates will improve if you get this important element covered.

In conclusion, many other features are relevant for better SEO rankings, however, doing your research is the first step to improve your website’s ranking. Keep in mind that keywords are not the most important element and you have to dig deeper to make sure you’ve got your site on the first page of Google. Our SEO Toronto tips will help you get more leads. For more information, check out Eggs Media – Toronto web design company. Contact us today!

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