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Over ten years of professional experience have helped us become experts in web design. Experience combined with creativity offers a winning solution and takes businesses to the next level.



By using the latest trends in website development, along with our innovative approach, we are capable of building a web application that would work best for your unique brand. Get in touch to learn more.



Our talented Eggs Media graphic design team creates stunning logos, brochures, banners and more. Combining various graphic elements we deliver successful visual product.



Our SEO experts follow the latest updates to ensure your website is positioned on a very top. Various packages we offer provide an opportunity to choose a suitable solution that is completely within your budget.



Our Toronto web design company also provides web hosting services. Our web hosting is secure, reliable and proudly provides 24/7 support. We offer the 1st year of web hosting for FREE!



Our on-going support packages provide you with peace of mind when it comes to maintaining your new website. Above all, we will do the hard work for you and ensure everything runs smoothly!


focused on taking businesses to the next level.

Welcome to our Eggs Media website and thank you for visiting! We are a Toronto web design company focused on finding a remarkable online solution for our clients. Throughout years, we have served many businesses and have proudly built strong relationships that bring measurable results. Our expertise, knowledge, cost-effectiveness and reliability have been critical elements in successfully creating unique websites. Therefore, as a web design company Toronto ON, our goal is to make our clients happy by delivering aesthetically and functionally distinguished results.

Toronto web design company that remarkably delivers

Before starting with every project development, we spend time to learn more about our clients, their brand and their requirements. Once we collect significant information, we then conduct in-depth research about a specific market and competitors. Finally, by following the latest web design and development trends, our Toronto web design company delivers an astonishing website that generates outstanding results. Above all, the entire process of building the website relies on using the most advanced technology standards combined with limitless creativity and great user experience.


This is how we roll! A smart strategy is essential in taking
your business on the path of success.


Before starting with the planning and choosing the best strategy, our team will conduct an in-depth analysis about your company, your competitors and the overall goals you are targeting with a new website and your online presence. We will also make sure to understand your target audience to provide the best possible solution. A proper strategy, in-depth research and quality communication are the key to achieving the winning website design solution. Rest assured, our professional and experienced team never starts with the development process before the discovery phase has been completed. We want to know more about your company. What are your goals? What target audience are you planning to reach? Tell us about the message you are looking to send out? All these aspects are essential for us to understand your unique requirements in more detail. After a discovery process, we will move onto choosing the right strategy for your project. Without a properly conducted discovery phase, it isn't easy to find the best solution. Our goal is to learn more about your brand to work together in order to achieve a fantastic website design result that will highly impact your online presence and bring more of the right audience.


Now that the discovery process has been completed and our team has conducted an in-depth analysis and research about each and every aspect related to your company, we are ready to move forward into working together to choose the right strategy for your particular project. Our project management team gathers all the information and material collected in the discovery phase to deliver the winning and unique plan and strategy for you. During this phase, we will create wireframes, website outlines and start working on the mockup design. Mockup design is essential to see your future website's general layout. We use it as a base in the design process. It allows us to make potential changes if needed before starting with the development. We never start with the development before the client approves of the mockup design. We will also work closely with you to provide directions regarding content and other material we would potentially need from you. Once these phases have been accomplished, we confidently move forward with the design and development. Our highly skilled and experienced design and development team has got all the information needed to create an excellent website that will make your business stand out from the competition.


Here is where we shine! We learned more about your company through our discovery process, and we are ready to start transforming ideas into reality. As we create a beautiful website representing your business in the best way possible, we also will work closely with you to make sure we are on the right track. We have experienced only positive feedback from our past clients regarding our approach and our unique designs. We first create a homepage mockup design that will act as a template for your future website. Everything in the design process is possible to change and adjust to your unique requirements. The design process is very flexible, and our design team is more than happy to assist every step of the way. We aim to combine graphic design, relevant content and professional, high-quality images into the website that will speak highly of your company/brand. We want to ensure your website and your business gets noticed. We are experts in website design and development and will create a final product to convey the right message to your audience. Not only will your website look visually appealing, but it will also be highly functional, responsive and user friendly.


During the development process, our team will start using complex code to build a functional and user-friendly website. Our experienced development team will ensure that your website follows the latest trends and technologies relevant for achieving various features and functionality. We are constantly working hard to build the most functional and advanced website to serve your business and your online presence long term. We usually recommend having a website built in WordPress as it is one of the most popular and user-friendly platforms nowadays. It has got hundreds of plugins used for various technical features and functionalities. Also, it allows you to make simple changes to your website without anyone's help. If your website has to be more customized, we can also use other technical languages to support all the functionalities required. For more complex and advanced features and functionalities, we can build websites using various languages such as PHP, HTML, CSS, Sass, JavaScript or Laravel. We are experts in custom web development. Whichever platform you choose, our team will work hard to develop the website you have always envisioned. This website will support all the functionalities required. Our goal is to make you happy and significantly improve your online presence.


Yes, we made it to the finish line! Your brand new website is ready to launch. Thus this is an exciting part of the website building process; however, it is not as simple as it sounds. Launching a website requires thorough testing to make sure everything is working smoothly without errors. We also make sure your website is fully responsive and, if needed, AODA compliant. Our web developers also will perform a speed test, check all the links and test online forms. We will review your website’s performance in various browsers and on different devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones). We never make a website live without performing in-depth testing. We will review all the technical aspects of the website’s performance and ensure that the content is proofread and clean of grammatical errors. In terms of SEO, we perform on-site SEO on all our websites (alt tags, meta descriptions, etc.). Once everything has been tested, our team will transfer the website to its hosting location and connect everything with your domain. If you still need assistance once the site is up and running, we can proudly provide you with our Ongoing support, our unique in-house-made product (application). We’ve got you covered once the website is live.

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If you have a vision, we will make it a reality.

WordPress Experts

We have proudly built a vast majority of websites over the years, based on the WordPress platform, and we can confidently call ourselves experts in the field. By incorporating astonishing designs and latest technologies, our web design company Toronto, ON always seeks to deliver brilliant and custom results. WordPress is extremely user-friendly, flexible and secure, which is why our web company Toronto, ON team, enjoys building websites using it.

By using WordPress, we help our clients realize their unique visions. Every website delivered by Eggs Media – Toronto web design company is greatly customized and highlights the best characteristics of every business. We are experts in the following WordPress areas: Advanced Theme/Plug-in Customization, Custom Theme/Plugin Development, WooCommerce Development and other.


Custom Web Development

We at Eggs Media – web design company Toronto, ON know that the website is not only your brand’s digital presence, but it also gives you a chance to display your uniqueness. To ensure your brand is portrayed in the best possible light, our team can deliver a powerful, sophisticated, entirely custom digital solution. We combine the latest technologies with creativity to emphasize the value of your brand.

We are experts in custom development of web applications by using various solutions such as PHP, HTML, CSS, Sass, Javascript. Contact Eggs Media – Toronto web design company to learn more!


Feeling ready yet?

Eggs Media will make your idea a reality! We have been successfully serving a broad range of industries, and our designs have been driving business growth.


Over the years, we have been successfully building websites for various businesses, which significantly improved their digital presence and overall business growth. Our clients have been continuously receiving great feedback and an essential number of leads ever since they received a final website product from our web design company Toronto, ON.

The big aspect that brings success to websites made in our Eggs Media factory is that we care about or clients and build valuable relationships. We are professionals who treat every project equally and deliver a high-quality, astonishing, unique product that will rest assured promote the real value of any brand. Our web design company Toronto, ON provides winning digital solutions.


Websites for the B2B industry have to be highly professional and clean-looking. Excellent website performance is mandatory to avoid long loading time, and the page should not be too long. When designing a website for B2B companies, we make sure to avoid endless scrolling. The responsive design and the possibility to browse with mobile-device are mandatory. All the information requires to be viewable to visitors while on the go because they often look for financial companies. They want to be able to find a piece of information rapidly and to get in touch quickly. All the websites we have done for our B2B industry clients are fully visible on all devices. B2B website design needs to be highly functional, having impeccable performance and fast loading speed. Our experienced web designers and web developers have helped many industries convey their message to the audience effectively. Are you having a new project in mind? Get in touch with us to see what we can craft for you today!


Non-for-profit organizations work for the benefit of the public and are fully tax-exempt. Having this in mind, our team at Eggs Media always strives to provide exceptional service that will help these organizations in their future success. We created many non-for-profit websites and can confidently say that we became experts in the field. When a non-for-profit representative reaches out to us, we invest time to learn more about their vision and mission. Also, we perform research using our discovery session to collect as many details as possible about what exactly they are looking for on the website. Often, websites tend to be outdated, lacking functionality and purpose, so before starting with the development, our team brainstorms ideas to find the best solution that will help improve their online representation. Over the years, we have been very successful in assisting various organizations in finding the right path.


The construction industry has a significant impact on the Canadian economy, and, among other cities, Toronto is currently experiencing the most crucial number of construction activities. Construction is a highly relevant industry nowadays in Canada, and our team at Eggs Media knows how to represent construction companies in the best light possible. After we engage with the construction company, we mainly focus on their goals, mission and vision, and competitors. Building a website for a construction company is challenging because of its wide competition. However, we invest all our efforts in researching and brainstorming ideas to create an outstanding online presence for our construction industry clients. What makes construction websites stand out from the crowd is the visual aspect and functionality. The focus is on the information they are looking to send out to visitors, so the content is critical. Informative and easy-to-read written content, large high-resolution images, call to action are mandatory. The website design has to be bold and follow the less is more approach than avoid clutter.

Food & Beverage

Over past years, we’ve been lucky enough to work with numerous food & beverage clients willing to “break up” with traditional advertising methods and engage with a digital representation of their brand. The competition is significant, especially in Toronto, and the food and beverage industry is on the rise. That is the reason why they need to focus on representing their brand in the best light possible. We are experts in website development for the food & beverage industry. Once we get in touch with you and learn more about your particular product and brand, we brainstorm ideas that help us craft an excellent website that can bring more hungry and thirsty visitors to your door. The main issue with food & beverage websites we’ve found so far is the lack of simplicity. These websites are often full of unnecessary elements producing overall confusion and distraction for viewers. Not to mention, all the clutter can cause issues and slow down the website. Our team at Eggs Media knows how to make a website for the food & beverage industry appealing, fast-loading and highly responsive.


The marketing industry refers to promoting or selling products or services along with advertising and market research. The essential factor for marketing companies is communication and broad reach to the public. Having this in mind, we at Eggs Media always aim to communicate marketing industry clients' requirements with the highest effort. Marketing industry website design must be appealing, bold and engaging. The right message has to be sent out to the world, and website visitors must tend to browse through with interest. Visitors also have to get the message they are looking for. That is why marketing industry websites have to load fast, be user-friendly, professional and informative. With large images, various graphic elements, engaging content and call-to-action sections, these websites can help marketing agencies find the way to their audience. Being visible on all devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, phone) is also mandatory for marketing agencies' websites. If you would like to learn more about our expertise, get in touch today.


We provide services for B2B as well as B2C clients. The B2C website design must be visually appealing and highly functional. Unnecessary elements are often too vibrant colours, too many promo banners, irrelevant imagery, all of which are not helpful for visitors looking to find more information about your business and services. Not to mention, all the clutter can cause issues and slow down the website. There is nothing worse than having to wait forever for the website to load. There are a couple of primary elements that need to focus on designing a website for this industry: minimalism, right colour choices and high-quality images. Minimalism is a go-to for any industry; however, it can be beneficial when it comes to the B2C sector in particular because, as we’ve already mentioned above, many of these websites tend to be over-designed. Our Eggs Media team has created numerous websites for clients in the B2B industry, all of which received no less than great feedback and more traffic.

Real Estate

We offer digital services for various industries, and one of those is the real estate industry. Real estate is a hectic field that is constantly changing. New trends are continually arising, and the real estate industry must follow those trends. We offer digital services for this industry and have created many websites for our real estate clients. Once the real estate client reaches out to us, we ask questions to find out more about their unique requirements. Real estate websites must be informative and appealing with large high-resolution professional images and informative content. We are most of the time asked to implement a calculator that will help homeowners and buyers find the proper value of the particular home. Since most real estate company personnel are always on the go, their websites need to be user-friendly and highly responsive on all devices to show it to their potential clients during viewing. Our Eggs Media team always ensures all the technical aspects are met.


We are experts in providing web design and development services to startups and small businesses. Once the startup representative reaches out to us, we invest time learning more about them, their competitors, their goals, and their values. After gathering all the relevant information, we then brainstorm ideas on representing the particular startup in the best way possible. Most of the time, startup websites are brand new, starting from scratch, which may or may not make the process more difficult. However, we always work closely with startup (and all) clients to follow the right track in the design process. Startup websites often require special features and functionalities, such as payment processing, booking system, or else. Our Eggs Media developers make sure to test all the functionalities making sure everything is working correctly. If you are a startup and don’t know where to start, get in touch with us today to learn how we can help you.


The hospitality industry offers a broad range of services such as hotels, lodging, restaurants and bars, event planning, and more. We have designed and developed a high number of websites for our hospitality industry clients. These clients usually have already established branding guidelines which are helpful in the web design process. Hospitality industry websites often lack function and tend to be full of clutter which makes those websites very slow and non-user friendly. We know that too much content, photos, and graphic elements can slow down the website loading speed and make visitors leave your website from our expertise. That is why we always make sure to find the right balance between all the website elements. Hospitality websites require booking and payment processing features that our development team has to implement correctly and perform tests to ensure everything is working brilliantly without any errors. If you are in the hospitality industry and don't know where to start, get in touch with us today.


As dynamic as it sounds, the automotive industry is constantly changing. That is why the automotive industry company’s websites need to follow the most recent trends. We offer online solutions for various industries, and the automotive industry is one of them. The automotive company website has to be highly functional and informative. These websites often require special features and functionalities, which might be challenging for a web development team. However, our team at Eggs Media loves challenges and will try its best to set up all the necessary functionalities properly. The automotive websites also have to be fast-loading, visible on all devices and user-friendly. Large images and graphic elements are a must in the automotive industry website design. It is not acceptable for these websites to be slow and full of errors because no visitor wants to spend too much time scrolling and looking for a solution. Online visitors need to find answers quickly. Our team knows how to make websites with outstanding performance.


The education industry is broad. Starting from pre-school to universities, it is following every aspect of our lives. Education industry website design must be bold, informative and user-friendly. When starting working on these websites, our design and development team becomes entirely focused on making a highly functional yet appealing and engaging website. We perform in-depth research to learn more about the particular education organization, and after all the information is collected, we then move onto the design and development. The website for educational organizations has to be fully responsive and visible on all devices (mobile, tablet, desktop) so that visitors can browse easily from wherever they are at a given moment. A bold call to action elements, large high-resolution images, and informative content is key for the successful online representation of educational organizations. Visitors must find the information quickly, so these websites have to be user-friendly with improved loading speed. Our team at Eggs Media can help make any website shine.


Without law, there would be chaos, and people’s rights wouldn’t be protected. The law industry is hectic, and law professionals often have no time to invest in branding. However, to connect with individuals that seek legal help, law firms must have a good website. Our team at Eggs Media worked with many law firms ensuring they receive a top-notch online representation of their brand. When the law firm representative reaches out to us for a law web design, the first step is to ask questions to understand their needs better. With all the requirements gathered from the client, we then go ahead and research the relevant market, competitors, and audience. We also want to learn more about our law firm client’s expectations and goals. Our task is to lead our clients in the right direction throughout the entire process of web design and development. Using specific project management tools, we make sure the client is informed about the progress, and we never continue building the website without the client’s input. Law industry professionals are seeking perfection, and this is why they decide to work with us. We offer no less than perfection for all of our clients and have received great feedback so far for great websites and overall branding services.

Small Business

We at Eggs Media Toronto provide web design and development services to small businesses. When starting with the small business website building process, first, we perform in-depth research to learn more about the company’s trends, values and competitors. Running a small business and staying in the loop is not always easy because of many competitors and constant trends. Since we worked with many small businesses before, we know the right approach for creating a digital experience for this particular industry. We brainstorm ideas to draft the best possible solution for a small business. In order to stand out from the competition, the small business industry website must be user-friendly, informative, fast-loading and responsive. The responsiveness is mandatory since many users will use their phones to browse through your website. Our Eggs Media team ensures all the technical aspects are covered, and the latest trends are followed. If you are a small business looking to have a website done, contact us today to see how we can assist.


The entertainment industry contains an advanced number of fields, such as music, video games, television, concerts and more, and it is a very dynamic area. For years, we have designed and developed many entertainment industries and have received great feedback from our clients. Due to the versatility of this industry, our research team focuses on the vision and goal a particular agency is looking to achieve. Whether it's the video, music or gaming industry, we always reach deeper to understand complete requirements better. Generally speaking, entertainment industry website design must be dynamic, engaging and appealing. Most of these websites also require particular functionalities that are useful for visitors. The challenging part when building these kinds of websites is the website loading speed since, due to many dynamic elements, the website might be slower. Our team of experts always uses the latest plugins and performs advanced testing making sure everything is rocking correctly and with no errors.


The technology industry focuses on selling products and services in software, electronics, artificial intelligence and others. They collect value using various technologies. As challenging as it can be, this relatively "new" industry is very fast developing. We offer services for technology industry companies, among others. Once the technology industry client engages with us on the project, we invest time and efforts to research all their values in more detail. Technology industry website design must follow the most recent technical and visual trends and stand as an online representation of a particular technology company. Technology field websites must be user-friendly, responsive and highly functional. The website must perform well and meet all the standards regarding website loading speed to find the information they need promptly. If you are in this industry field and looking to have a modern, appealing and technically advanced website, don't hesitate to reach out to our team at Eggs Media. We have built a vast majority of websites and can help you make your dream website a reality.

Health Care & Medical

When creating a website for our health care clients, we always focus on the end-user and how this person will perceive the website he is browsing through. Before starting with the project, we focus on learning more about the organization, mission and vision. We strive to develop a website that will effectively communicate with the audience. The healthcare & medical industry website needs to be clean, informative, professional and responsive. The message that the dental web design is sending needs to be clear and engaging. We usually avoid too many unnecessary elements, and the colour palette our web design experts use for this type of industry is generally on a lighter side. The high-resolution, clear images are also essential as these images can reinforce the message sent by the web content. The responsive design is mandatory. Are you looking to have an appointment on the same day? The easiest way is to grab your phone and look for a provider that can help you. All websites we’ve done for our healthcare clients are fully visible on mobile and tablet devices.


Financial service companies have a unique identity that helps them stand out from the competition. Being successful in the financial industry, while surrounded by many competitors, is not easy. The finance sector professionals are looking for the best in finance web design, so they choose to work with our Eggs Media experts. We understand our financial service clients' challenges daily and aim to help them get noticed by using our skills and expertise. Over the years, our team of designers and developers have crafted numerous financial firms. Some of the perks of a successful website for a financial services company include responsive design, prominent call to action, engaging content and eye-catching graphic elements. Particular tools and features are usually incorporated into these websites, such as calculators, which we custom code for our clients. The finance website design needs to be simple, clean and user-friendly. It has to show the unique personality of a particular company so that visitors can engage quickly and get in touch to find out more. The website should be mainly informative, highly functional and responsive.

Sports & Fitness

As an experienced web design company in Toronto, we’ve created beautiful and highly functional websites for sports & fitness industry clients. Our primary focus is content and visual aspects, and imagery when creating a sports & fitness industry website. Once the representative from this particular industry reaches out, we focus on gathering relevant information that helps things moving in the right direction. The sports & fitness industry is dynamic, and that’s how their online representation should be. The website design must be a clear representation of a particular brand/company with already established colours, graphics, and other eye-catching elements and make the brand/company recognizable. The sports & fitness industry website design must be responsive, user-friendly, and informative. The call to action section must be visible, easy to fill out, and quickly touch with the company. High-resolution photos, helpful content, and engaging icons and graphic elements are necessary for a professional yet dynamic-looking website. A key component for a successful website, no matter the industry, is also a highly improved speed performance and best functionality.


As an experienced team of professionals, we at Eggs Media can design and develop a unique website for e-commerce companies. We have created many highly functional yet visually appealing e-commerce websites. The most important aspect when building an e-commerce website is functionality, as these websites usually contain a significant number of products and a particular payment system integrated. Our team ensures all these websites are high-level. Furthermore, high-resolution photos are mandatory for e-commerce websites. The investment in photography has to be a priority if you want to send the right message to viewers. Viewers prefer to see interesting, appealing photos that will help them decide to contact you. Not to mention, the responsive design is a must! People nowadays are more likely to look for places to eat from their phone devices while on the go. Whether you are an already established business or a newly launched one, we are here to help! Get in touch with our team at Eggs Media today to find out more.

and more...


Is there a fixed price that you charge to build a website?

No, there is no fixed price to build a website. There are many different factors involved in the process such as the client’s unique requirements, the complexity of the project as well as the overall timeframe needed to create a website. Based on all of this, we can provide you with an estimate/quote.

How long does it take to complete the website?

The timeframe needed to build a website is mostly based on the complexity of the project. Everything also depends on the client’s unique requirements as well as their responsiveness throughout the whole process. Usually, from our experience, it takes an average of 30 to 50 days to build a website.

What involvement is required during the process?

The overall involvement varies from client to client. At the beginning of the process, once you engage with us, you will be asked to complete our discovery questionnaire and to provide us with all the content and graphic/logo design material (if any). We also need you to communicate with us throughout the process.

Do you provide mockup before the development?

Yes, we do provide a mockup before starting with the development, but only if you engage with us on the project and after the discovery questionnaire has been completed. We never start building the website if the mockup has not been approved. Mockup design is an important step in the process.

Once the website is done, will I be able to make updates?

Most of our websites are built with WordPress as it is the most user-friendly platform nowadays and you should be able to perform changes yourself as it is pretty straightforward. If you require assistance, we can always provide you with a short video tutorial on how to make changes/updates to particular sections.

Do you offer support once the website goes live?

Once your website is up and running, we can offer you our On-going support program. Depending on requirements, you can choose between 3 different packages: Starter, Intermediate and Advanced. Read more here. However, we always aim to assist our clients with changes/updates as long as the requirements are not too complex.

Do you provide website hosting and domain?

Yes, we do provide web hosting services. As for the domain, first, you would have to register for the unique domain name and once registered you will be the owner of that particular domain. However, if required, we can always assist you with the domain registration process.

Are your websites built in WordPress only?

Most of our websites are built in WordPress as it provides many features and functionalities and it is highly user-friendly. However, if you require a more advanced application, we can make custom websites from scratch/custom web applications using mostly Laravel or Symphony.

Do I need to provide content?

Most of the time our clients provide content for their website. It all depends on your preference and if you have the content ready. Still, if you need assistance, we can definitely offer our content writing services. Our content is SEO optimized and the charge is based on an hourly rate.

Are your websites mobile-friendly?

Yes, all of our websites are mobile-friendly/responsive. We always make sure all our websites are fully optimized for all devices (mobile, tablet, laptop) and screen resolutions. Once the website’s desktop view has been polished up completely, we then start working on the responsive view.

Will my website be fully secured and protected?

Yes. While developing the website, we make sure all of our websites are HTTPS based (including SSL certificate). If you will be using our web hosting, you will automatically get an SSL certificate for free, but if you are planning on using a different web hosting provider you will have to clarify this information with them.

Are there any hidden charges I should be worried about?

Most of the time there are no hidden charges in the process unless there are new more advanced functionalities/features to be added. We always strive to assist our clients as much as possible. However, if the changes required are more advanced, then we need to discuss them further with the client.

Do you provide SEO services?

Yes, we do provide organic SEO packages on a monthly basis. This would be an entirely separate “project” from the website development with a minimum client engagement of three (3) months. The basic SEO package is starting from $1,200 CAD and it includes optimization of 10-15 keywords.

Are SEO services included with website development?

We perform a basic ON-SITE SEO strategy on every website – configuration of META Titles/Descriptions, implementation of H tags along with alt image tags and more.
OFF-SITE SEO strategies (backlink building, online directory submissions, etc) are part of our monthly SEO packages and that is not included in website development projects.