April 16, 2023

How Website Design Quality Affects Branding

website design affects your brand

What your website design quality says about your brand

Relevant insight for a personalized experience

If you’re running an organization, you likely have a high understanding of the power of branding. Your branding tells your audience a lot about your company.

A strong brand and one focused on what your customers and clients are looking for is a huge benefit to any company. However, many different things can hurt your business or small businesses.

You may be surprised to know that one of these things is your website design quality. Eggs Media – a Toronto award-winning web design company brings some tips.

A website is more than just a way to give potential customers information about new brands and a way to contact you. In many cases, your website is the first interaction that a potential customer will have with your business.

If users don’t like the website and the website design quality, they aren’t likely to be interested in getting in touch with you or pursuing a relationship with your company.

What is a brand design?

Let’s discuss branding design and why it’s important for mobile-friendly web design.

It generally defines the visual identity of a specific business language or brand. This includes a combination of the brand’s mission and values, target audience, and overall goals.

These elements are crucial when determining a suitable custom branding and strategy for the finished product and logo service, which will help with finalizing a unique visual identity that speaks to the audience.

How is the brand designing process developed?

Let’s dive deep into business-related aspects that are a great fit for your business. First, a branding expert conducts thorough research to collect a comprehensive understanding of the brand.

Once they learn more about it, they move on to designing the primary visual elements unique to the business’s personality.

These elements include logos, mood boards, patterns, and more. If the business requires custom branding, designers work on preparing various branded merchandise helpful in promoting the business.

Finally, all design materials and images are prepared and neatly packaged for a custom client in digital form as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop formats.

‍What is a web design?

Web design differentiates from brand design. It involves the method of performing a strategic design for a website. This includes the structure, the pages, navigation, the web page’s layout, and more.

Web design involves the implementation of visual design principles along with the website’s performance and user experience. Not only the website must look good, of course, but of course, your web designer/developer must ensure the site is functioning properly.

What does the web design process involve?

The first step in the web design process is similar to the brand process. The designer starts the project by researching to learn more about the specific business while creating a comprehensive web design strategy.

Once this is covered, a web designer will use visual identity as a base to create the website’s layout, type, colors, icons, buttons, etc.

After that wireframes and mockups will be created ensuring the overall layout of the future website platform is structured well and highly functional.

Wireframes and project mockups also help to ensure the web design team is on the same page with the client and following their requirements.

custom website design project launch

Branding and website design correlation

To create a successful online presence, branding and web design are strongly related.

When it comes to web design, there are important areas to consider:

  • User experience: When designing a new website, professional web design companies of professional designers must keep users in mind. Focusing on user experience is a must in web design. This includes creating an intuitive navigation system, developing a successful layout and web structure, and ensuring the site is both fully functional and responsive.
  • Visual elements: Elements such as typography, imagery, or icons that align with the visual or branding identity are essential for a successful website launch. These visual elements also need to integrate and be consistent through various platforms e.g. social media.
  • Accessibility: Web designers must focus on users with disabilities. How is this achieved? Some suggestions include: providing alt text for images, considering color contrast rules, using proper header structure as well as implementing keyboard navigation options.
  • Information Architecture: To help visitors find the information they are looking for, the website’s content and structure must be logically organized. Users should be able to navigate through pages on the site with ease and not get overwhelmed. Using clear headings, navigation menus, proper and information architecture helps visitors find the information they are looking for.
project pages launch

When it comes to new brand personality, the focus must be on:

  • Logo design concept: A good logo design is a highly important aspect of any branding. A well-designed logo is a visual representation and helps your business get recognized. The logo should follow the latest standards in graphic design and incorporate a memorable color palette or symbol. It should also be designed with your desired audience in mind and not too crowded with elements.
  • Visual consistency: To create uniqueness and recognition of your business, the design of professional typography, use of colors, imagery, icons, or other elements should follow a consistent pattern throughout various platforms (website, social media, etc.)
  • Brand Identity: If you are looking to build a strong and unique brand identity you should consider including aspects such as your brand’s mission and vision, goals, target audience, and message you want to send out. This creates an emotional connection with your desired audience as well as establishes a long-term relationship.

As you can see, branding and website design are strongly correlated. By combining a strong branding strategy and successful yet effective website design for your business online presence will support your goals.

How bad website design hurts your brand

The website design quality is important. If your website is difficult to use, confusing, overly complicated, or just plain unattractive, you will scare customers away from your business.

In today’s world, no one has the time to struggle with unintuitive user experiences, difficult-to-navigate websites, slow websites, or sites that stock images that do not display properly on their device.

Customers will move on and head to a different website if they experience difficulties with your site. However, not only will they leave your site, they will leave with a negative opinion of your company and your brand.

This will be an incredibly difficult opinion to change. There is an excellent likelihood that if a customer leaves your website because they did not like it, they will never return.

This highlights another problem with poor website design quality. Not only will it frustrate customers and cause them to leave your site, but this frustration with your web design will translate into frustration with your company.

This will have an incredibly negative effect on your brand. They say you only have one chance to make a good first impression, and poor web design ruins this opportunity.

eggs media how website design affects your brand

How to improve your brand through good web design

On the other hand, good website design quality helps your company. It attracts visitors to your site and shows them that your brand is one that they will want to interact with.

To make your website one that is a joy to use, you will need a website designer who understands good website design. Our amazing team can help make your wishes come true.

From your company’s logo to the structure of your website to the navigation, to the overall user experience, an experienced custom website design service company can create a site that will not only attract visitors but one that will represent your brand in the best way possible.
Contact Eggs Media today for the best website design services.

How Website Design Affects Your Brand eggsmedia infographic

Tips to improve your branding and web design

Choose the right color palette

Colors can evoke people’s emotions and are crucial when it comes to making decisions especially when shopping.

For example, color combinations such as red and yellow can trigger hunger and attention (e.g. McDonald’s).

How about the color green? This color has got calming effects and in branding or marketing is often related to environmental or healthcare brands.

On the other side, black represents luxury (e.g. Lous Vuitton, Apple). People’s decisions are impacted by color so make sure you implement it wisely.

Consistent design

The success of marketing a brand is measured by its audience. If people remember your logo or branding colors they most likely care about your brand/business.

How do you make your brand memorable for people? Consistency is key. This means that you must be consistent with your branding and web design.

On every page of your website choose the same typography, color palette, and graphic design elements. Also, stay consistent throughout your social media accounts.

Rest assured people will remember your brand with ease. They will also be able to quickly find your brand icon, website, or social media profile online.

People are visual creatures so, for example, your brand design can incorporate a little icon to your logo that is personal details unique only to your brand. Brands like Apple are using the same logo wording as the icon – who could forget a little bitten apple after you see it once?

Think about your audience’s feelings

When building a successful brand strategy one of the elements to focus on is your target audience. What emotions do you want them to experience when potential clients land on your web page personal blog?

For example, on our website Eggs Media, our design professionals used warm and approachable color choices easy on the eye and not aggressive.

Which message you are looking to create and send out? Are you a part of a small business and looking to find clients? Do you offer different payment plans?

Colors can help associate your branding with something positive and engaging. You most certainly want your users and potential clients to experience pleasant vibes and optimistic emotions when land on a page.

Display your logo properly

In terms of logo design, make sure your website managers always place it in the top left corner. People’s eye is drawn from left to right so your logo will be the first thing they notice.

Make sure it’s not too big and the color contrast is appropriate for a logo to be noticeable. The important element related to how to display your logo is web accessibility. Read more on this below.


Nowadays, accessibility has become more than making sure people with disabilities can access and use the site. The new practice is stepping forward of these traditional views and we believe the practice of making the site accessible to certain groups of people now benefits others as well.

Groups mentioned include everyone using mobile devices, or those with slow network connections. With a great brand designer who also knows about websites, you should have these elements covered for you or your clients.

CTA (Call to action)

When visitors land on your website they will want to find out more insight and information about your products or services. They will want to know if you can provide a solution to their specific needs.

This is where the call to action comes in. The call to action helps people easily get in touch with you or go to the most useful page or pages to find information.

Make sure your CTA is clear, short, and concise, and answers the particular question.

The tone of voice

The tone of voice or language should be aligned with your brand’s personality and emotions. Depending on your audience, the tone of voice should be relevant, for example, if your audience is mostly investors your tone of voice should be corporate, strict, and formal.

If your audience is students your tone of voice should be more approachable, innovative, or less formal.

By using different language or tones of voice to communicate, you can spread your brand’s message to an appropriate and desired audience.

In conclusion

Using all these graphic elements, brand colors, or elements in general to create complete branding or web designs may not be enough. To truly set your business apart from the competition, you have to make sure it’s unique. Eggs Media web design Toronto agency can most certainly assist.

Still, if you invest time and effort to find the right colors, mood boards, images, typography, and else, have you considered your competitors yet?

All the hard work may not pay off since your competitors are perhaps doing a better job than you. Always make sure to include your competitors when building a great and successful strategy for your business.

Get in touch with our expert web design and logo design team at Eggs Media to discuss this topic further! Years of experience have helped us become experts in the field.

Whether you need a new website or a new brand established we can help with an actual process, your vision, and unique needs.

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