October 28, 2014 | SEO

Hosting Location Affects SEO

Since the hosting location affects SEO, it is essential to consider all the relevant elements. For example, you found a perfect hosting company located miles away from your country. Would you consider it? It is no secret that most businesses often use the least expensive hosting provider based in another country. As long as their business grows, and they make a profit, they pursue that option. And yet, many of them continue to wonder whether the hosting location affects SEO? We at Eggs Media know how important is your website’s hosting location.

What does hosting location mean for SEO

When searching for the same term on Google in different international locations, you may find different results. Similarly, when customers search for your company, they will find different results depending on their location. However, this does not have to concern you. Regardless of the keyword, you can still rank high with a website hosted anywhere else in the world.

The first step is to set your preference in the Google Webmaster Tools which merely provide a new perspective on how to improve your overall website performance. For example, your company targets users at particular geographic location. It is possible to use “International Targeting” option from Google Webmaster Tools to inform Google about the desired location.

hosting location affects seo

Other than the hosting location itself, there are other more important factors to focus. One of them is hosting performance. You should look for a stable, reliable and fast provider that will not affect Google rankings. Additionally, there is a difference between older websites and those built recently. Having new or newly updated website platform will allow robots review the website faster.

Since Google delivers a relevant search result fast, you should be aware of whether your website is running slowly or often crashes. However, this might not to be related to a hosting provider but rather to data on your website.

Hosting Location affects SEO, but it’s not the primary factor

When it comes to the accessibility of your website, great results are the most important. For example, if your website often crashes due to a bad hosting service, search engine robots will record the inaccessibility and move to the next site. This may affect your ranking position, and flag your page as unreliable. If you wish to have reliable web hosting services Toronto provider, get in touch with us today!

Additionally, make sure to choose dedicated hosting provider with a positive reputation and exceptional performance. Since you have given so much effort to building your website, this would be a small, but significant step in achieving a better ranking. Google will recognize the effort, as well as your customers. Learn more from our SEO company Toronto! Also, if you are interested in local SEO, please read more on the following link Why NAP Consistency is Crucial for Local SEO.

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