December 6, 2016 | Web Design/Development

6 Ways to Improve Your Website Design

Six changes to make on your website design today

When it comes to website design, it’s important to remember that trends change and the way that people access information online is different today than it was even a few years ago. That’s why it’s crucial to regularly take the time to review your website design and see what changes can be made to improve it. Our web development Toronto company knows how important it is to follow trends and can help improve your website.
Here are a few website design changes that you may want to consider.

Use high-quality images

Today’s computers, phones and tablets have much higher quality screens than older devices. They are capable of higher resolutions and greater displays of colours than in the past. If your website is still using very small images or lower quality or lower resolutions images, consider changing these to higher quality photos. This will improve your website significantly.

Optimize your content

Website content is crucial. Good content improves your website’s search ranking and attracts more visitors to your site. It also explains your website more clearly and will convert more of your website’s visitors into customers. Content is king when it comes to ways how to improve your website.

Improve calls to action

When you’re reviewing your website content, pay special attention to your calls to action. The difference that a clearly written and persuasive call to action makes is significant.

mobile website design

Make your site better for mobile

More website searches are done on mobile than on desktop computers today and this trend will certainly increase. In addition, search engines like Google have begun to prefer websites that are optimized for mobile. If your website does not look good or function well on a mobile browser, your business will be lacking. You can test if your website design is mobile-friendly by using this Google tool. Contact our web design company to learn how to make your site mobile-friendly and how to improve your website.
Consider upgrading your website to a responsive website design that will look great on any screen size.

Improve speed

The website loading speed is clearly important for mobile devices (that are often using slower data connections) but speed is a key factor for everyone, no matter what device they are using. This will help to improve your website. If a visitor heads to your website and ends up having to wait for it to load properly, there is a very good chance that they will click away. Very few people will wait for a slow website.
There are a number of ways that you can improve your website design and website architecture in order to make it faster.

Think about visitors

This is the most important change that you can make to your website design. You likely know your site inside and out and are incredibly familiar with navigating it, but what do first-time visitors think of it? Are they able to find your most important pages quickly? Do they have trouble understanding your layout?
Consider doing testing with people who have never seen your website before to see what they think of it. If they have trouble navigating it, consider making changes. Contact Eggs Media to learn more about our website design services!

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