October 18, 2017

How Website Design and Website Content Cooperate

How Website Design and Content Work Together

Using Words and Design to Attract Customers to Your Business

Sometimes people wonder whether it’s better to focus your efforts on having great website content, or if you should pay more attention to the design of your site. The reality is that both of these aspects are very important. And they work together. No aspect of your site exists in a vacuum.
When most people visit a website, they aren’t thinking about its individual elements. They don’t sit there and process the website copy or review the site’s user experience. However, these aspects matter on a subconscious level. And they matter as a complete package.
A person visiting a website may not care about the technical aspects of it, but they do care about how it looks and feels. They care if it’s easy to get the information they’re looking for. They don’t want to struggle with a site. Whether they know it or not, the things that people want from a website are a good design and good website content. So, if you want to grow your business, you need to give people what they want.

Think About Your Audience

When you’re designing your website and coming up with a content strategy, it’s important to take the time to think about the audience you’re hoping to attract. What is someone who visits your site hoping to get out of their visit? Do they want quick information? Are they looking for in-depth research or opinion? Do they want to see photos or examples of your work?
Think about what they’re looking for and then cater your website content and your design to attract and retain this desired visitor.

Keep Your Focus

Make sure that your website always maintains a focus on your target audience. Your website should look at the way your target audience expects it to look. Your writing should give visitors the information they want. They shouldn’t have to search around or struggle. You should give them what they want right away. Website content is important.
In addition, you shouldn’t have aspects of your site that distract from its focus. For example, if your goal is to get a visitor to contact you, don’t place elements on your site that take away from your contact info. In fact, structure your site so that visitors are naturally steered towards your “contact us” page. This is done through both writing and design.

How Website Design and Content Work Together

Know How Images and Words Work Together

Your website content and its design are not two independent aspects. They work together and they influence one another. The way your site is designed will naturally cause people to read some sections of the site more frequently than others. It will also influence the path that visitors take through your site. If there is content that is important, use your site’s design to draw people to this content.
In the same sense, when you’re writing your website content, think of how you can use images to reinforce points and make your content more readable. For example, images can be used to better explain key points or to break up content to make it easier to read.

Have a Clear Call to Action

Perhaps the most important part of a business website is having a clear call to action. What is the goal of your site? Are you trying to get visitors to contact you? Do you want them to shop online? Are you hoping to show off your portfolio? Whatever the goal of your website may be, use design and content to direct visitors to the parts of your site that are most important. As a successful web design company, we speak from our own experience. Get to know our amazing team!
By properly combining website design and well-written website content, you make your site more powerful, cause it to convert better, and grow your business. Get in touch with us today!

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