March 04, 2015

Social Media Strategy is Important for SEO

social media strategy

When running a small business, it becomes crucial to building up your brand by sharing your content and growing your network. Social media strategy is significant to your online success, therefore not having a Twitter account, Facebook or Google+ page gets you out of the game. Here are some observations from SEO company Toronto.

Some business owners are often focused on results only, thinking how website optimization is enough to get to the top of search engines. But the time change and search engine optimization have become more complex than ever before. Same as on-site, off-site links have also become crucial. High rankings on Google, Bing or Yahoo, are made by smart strategy and professional approach that includes social media involvement as well.

How social media strategy affects SEO

1. Step out from the old school advertising methods

In the developing world, social media has become a useful tool to help you spread an online message faster. Social media strategy allows you to target potential customer by presenting your website and your brand online. Not only your website plays a significant role in this process, but also your brand has to interact with followers. This has to be on a regular daily basis to ensure they feel involved.

It’s all about connection. As you build up your social media network, your website will grow in popularity, as well as your business. The most valuable is that customers (followers) have the ability to share the content with others. The others are not in your network but quickly can become a part of it. Connect with us to find out more.

Link building has always been an important way to determine a website’s popularity. The more links, the more popular the website was. But many SEO companies had discovered manipulative link building strategies to gain higher rankings. So Google found a way to deal with them, which was very successful.

However, through years, Google had found different ways to measure authority, and one of them is social media.

Links to your social media content provide wider information that you may think. Your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, or other social networks are in a close relationship to your website’s ranking. Based on social media appearance, Google and other search engines understand your website is credible. Also, search engines realize the keywords to rank your website. Need help with content management? Get in touch with Eggs Media – a web design company Toronto.

social media strategy

3. Social media strategy boosts relevant keywords

When using relevant keywords throughout social media, search engines will rank the content, as well as the profile of each account. That raises the possibility of noticing your business throughout various sources. For instance, when searching for a particular service, the top results in search engines are their social profiles, next to their website.

Therefore, it is critical to ensure you update your social media accounts and fill them with relevant information about your business. Also, for SEO improvement, always use keywords relevant to your business type. Incorporating them into social media postings will attract more audience, as well as convert the audience into leads.

Social media strategy for better website rankings

4. Speed up how quickly your website gets indexed

As we stated above, social media strategy boosts your website’s credibility giving search engines an indication of content quality and information value. If your website content people share frequently, the better the chances are to speed up the indexation process.

Social media allows you to spread the information throughout the web, as well as helps influence the number of links shared in a short period. The speed depends on different factors. First, the time frame of sharing the content, the web/social media influence of people sharing your content, as well as how many people shared your content.

5. Local search advantage

If you are a small business, a local search is mandatory. With the increasing rise of mobile use, local search has become more accessible to users browsing on their tablets or smartphones.

Make sure your business appears on different social media networks such as Yelp, Foursquare, etc. Also, you should make updates to search engines – Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Google search engine links to Google+ local page created as a dynamic social network that allows you to share content with others. This helps with building interaction and promoting your brand.

Social media strategy is often less important, but as we stated above, there are significant ways that social media affects the visibility of your website in search results.

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