April 22, 2015

Google Changing Mobile Search Results

mobile search

A few days ago and after years of testing, Google announced a new update. They changed the algorithms that display URLs in mobile search results to help mobile searchers understand your website better when browsing on their devices. Google has begun replacing the URL structure within the search results area with a website name, along with the “breadcrumb-like” format for the URL structure of the website. This will only impact the mobile search results, not the desktop ones.

Here’s an example:

google mobile search results

As you can see from the image above, the green text in search results is not showing the URL link to the website, but the name of the site and the URL structure of the “breadcrumbs-like” format instead.

Why is the mobile search change important for your site?

With this change, your website’s URL structure is more important than it was before. Your site starts to be more visible. As of now, Google becomes the face of your website, and first impressions visitors receive while mobile searching. That means you have to ensure your website’s name is reflected well in Google search results. The URL is now referring to a brand name, and can significantly impact (positively or negatively) an online appearance, as well as traffic to your site.

Also, on April 21st Google is launching an algorithm to favour sites that are “mobile-friendly”. Google now favours responsive design websites over traditional desktop sites. So if you noticed your page dropping down on the search results, this could be the reason. Given more than 50 percent of all web traffic is driven by mobile devices (smartphones, tablets), Google proves a point. It’s significantly important to stay up to the game and invest in all the elements that bring traffic (leads).

Since mobile search increased, you should definitely consider your website’s appearance in mobile search results. If you need any assistance, please contact Eggs Media – an SEO company Toronto today! Keeping up with recent trends has always been an essential part of achieving business goals. However, make sure you follow the right path when it comes to online marketing.

If using a WordPress website, here is a suggestion that can help you with changes stated above – WordPress SEO Plugin from Yoast. When adding the provided code snippet to your theme, this plug-in creates the breadcrumbs you need. We at Eggs Media can create a beautiful, responsive website for you! Get in touch today!

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