February 18, 2023

Logo Design Importance for Your Business

logo design importance

As a symbol formed of specific words, images, and colors, a logo serves as a brand identity. Logo is an important aspect of your business and one of the first impressions to people. Logo types are versatile and come in different shapes and sizes – from the most simple logos to more complex ones.

The purpose of the logo is not to directly sell products or services but rather to identify a brand. A logo is a unique representation of your company, a soul, and a voice that speaks for your brand. A professional logo should incorporate recognizable and meaningful elements that foster brand loyalty.

The logo concept has been around for thousands of years. If you go back in time and remember those primitive human drawings and symbols they used for communicating you will understand how old the idea of the logo is.

Nowadays logos look much different, but the idea behind them is to communicate, improve brand recognition, and present the company’s core values.

When looking to create a logo for your company, keep in mind that different types of logos send different messages so choose the logo idea wisely.

Logo not only helps identify but it does even more. Below are the facts about why is logo important.

Helps make a first impression: A logo is a great way to help make your brand stand out in the crowd. It’s one of the first things people see about your brand, it grabs their attention and makes them find out more about your business.

Reflects your brand identity: A brand identity stands for a unique visual representation and appearance particular to your brand.

A logo that is unique and stands out will reach out to people quickly. When people see the logo they will immediately associate it with your company and the products and services you offer.

Fosters brand loyalty: A good logo is important to help build brand loyalty, especially if the logo has been out there for years. When creating a logo for your business, make sure to reflect your values and goals as well as to use unique combination marks for brand identity.

Gives your brand a voice: A well-designed company or small business logo is a powerful and effective tool that helps inform your current or future customers about your company without using any words. The solid logo is important as it stands as a symbol that speaks volumes about your company.

It will express a vibe of your unique business products or services. For example, the best logos such as McDonald’s or Apple’s are the ones with a particular vibe and will cause instant brand recognition and a reaction in people.

logo introduces company's background

What does the brand logo mean for a business owner

Investing in all the beneficial stages of a business might be overwhelming. Also, a return on investment is always questionable.

Seemingly irrelevant, the great logo creation is a significant step in creating a unique marketable brand identity for every future business or current business.

If you understand the importance of a memorable logo importance, you are taking the right path. Think about it this way – your logo is the face of your company and the visual reflection of your brand, whether a small business or a new business.

It helps create the perception that people have about you and your company and it helps create an emotional connection.

Your logo should be one of the first things that come to mind when someone thinks of your business. Here are some tips on why is branding important from our web development Toronto company.

The most important logo elements

Colour palette

When choosing your logo colours keep in mind this is a complex process and not only choosing your favourite colours. Choosing the right colour palette requires research and planning, and understanding logo psychology.

This will help you find the color’s impact on brand perception and communicate to your audience what your brand represents.

For example, if you are in the hospitality business and target wedding events and such clients – you will most likely choose light colours such as white or gold to signify purity, new beginnings, and trust. Avoid choosing too many colours as it may be overwhelming.


An image or a graphic speaks a thousand words. By using the image in your well-designed company logo you get the opportunity to communicate with your target audience more powerfully.

Always remember that whatever image you use must be scalable and possible to adapt. It can be resized for various branding materials (mugs, pens, t-shirts, brochures) and still identifiable.


Typography stands for a font style and structure used in your logo text. The letter can be combined and rearranged – positioned in many different creative ways to create a strong logo design and impactful message.

Some of the powerful perfect logo designs using typography are The New York Times, Barbie, and more. Just as with the use of images, there is a rule to not use more than 2 or 3 fonts to keep consistency and simplicity.

company name typography consumer trust


A tagline is a text usually positioned under or around a logo. It’s usually a simple sentence that speaks the vibe of a brand. This can be helpful to represent what your business is about or what its vision and mission is.

Using a tagline is not required and it’s definitely up to you if you wish to use one. But, it can make an impact and help send your brand’s identity message.

1. Simple

The logo must be clean and simple to convey your business mission and culture. Well-defined brand and branding generate success. With simple text and colors, maybe a few words and a symbol, it’s easy to communicate with the audience and show a strong brand that will bring loyal customers.

Logos that contain too many elements, e.g. colors, symbols, and graphics, are difficult to recognize quickly. Along with this, the whole idea of good company branding is getting people to remember your brand, right? The trends have changed and achieving brand loyalty with a simple logo is important.

If your audience doesn’t recognize your company’s good branding, maybe you should invest in building your brand personality and a good marketing strategy using proper marketing materials that will help your brand stand out by sending a unique brand message.

2. Memorable

We are all guided by our senses. As we experience something of our likeness, we often remember it by visualization. If someone can’t remember your logo a few minutes after seeing it, then your logo doesn’t make an impact and probably needs to be changed.

The whole idea is to create a positive impression on the mind of the viewer. For that person, it won’t be difficult to visualize it after a minute, a month, after a few years, or ever. When you think about Pepsi, what image appears in your head? Which colour, icon, and shape?

A logo is not just a logo, it is a tremendous marketing efforts tool that increases strong brand value, better use it wisely and it will help generate new customers to your door.

Also, make it pop out on the internet, flyers, business cards, letterheads – the more someone sees it, the more interested would become. Think about the importance of branding before starting a new company.

3. Professional

In regards to the logo design importance, there are several elements to consider when creating a logo. What type of audience do you want to target? Adults? Why then is your logo all shiny and playful, with colours that work well only for those aged 7? You are a professional, as well as your business, and that is the message you want to send.

Therefore, your company’s logo has to highlight the work you can do for potential customers and build their trust in your business. The logo created in a Word document will not build trust. For the most part good graphics and a familiar logo will bring more people to your door and will generate lasting impressions.

eggs media logo design

Why you should invest in a new logo design?

1. Your current logo was created in Microsoft Word.
2. People (potential customers) are not sure what your business is.
3. Your current logo uses a photo as part of the design.
4. You use more than two font choices in your logo.
5. Your current logo design doesn’t come in a vectorized format.
6. Your logo includes text that’s probably hard to read.
7. You only have 1 version of your logo.
8. You’re still using the same logo design from the time you started your business.

Finally, once you understand the importance of branding, your business will shine and reflect your true identity. Contact us today to learn more about how your brand can stand out in the crowd.

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