February 18, 2015 | Graphic Design

Logo Design Importance for Your Business

Investing in all the beneficial stages of a business might be overwhelming. Also, a return on investment is always questionable. Seemingly irrelevant, the logo design is a significant step in creating a unique brand identity for every business. If you understand the logo design importance, you are taking the right path. Think about it this way – your logo is the face of your company and the visual reflection of your brand. It helps create the perception that people have about you and your company. Your logo should be the one of the first things that come to mind when someone thinks of your business. Here are the tips from our web development Toronto company.

Logo design importance: Main characteristics

1. Simple

The logo must be clean and simple in order to convey your business mission and culture. With simple text and colours, maybe a few words and a symbol, it’s easy to communicate with the audience. Logos that contain too many elements, e.g. colours, symbols, graphics, are difficult to recognize quickly. Along with this, the whole idea is getting people to remember your brand, right? The trends have changed. If your audience doesn’t recognize your brand, maybe you should believe in the logo design importance.

2. Memorable

We are all guided by senses. Due to, as we experience something of our likening, we often remember it by visualization. If someone can’t remember your logo a few minutes after seeing it, then your logo doesn’t make an impact and probably needs to be changed. The whole idea is to create an impression on the mind of the viewer. For that person, it won’t be difficult to visualize it after a minute, a month, after a few years, or ever. When you think about Pepsi, what image appears in your head? Which colour, icon, and a shape? A logo is a tremendous marketing tool, better use it wisely. Also, make it pop out on the internet, flyers, business cards, letterheads – the more someone sees it, the more interested would become.

3. Professional

In regards to the logo design importance, there are several elements to consider when creating a logo. What type of audience do you want to target? Adults? Why then is your logo all shiny and playful, with colours that work well only for those aged 7? You are a professional, as well as your business, and that is the message you want to send. Therefore, your logo design has to highlight the work you can do for a potential customer and build their trust with your business. Trust us, the logo created in a Word document will not build trust. Good graphic (logo) design will.

eggs media logo design

Reasons why you should invest in a new logo design?

1. Your current logo design was created in Microsoft Word.
2. People (potential customers) are not sure what your business is.
3. Your current logo uses a photo as part of the design.
4. You use more than two font choices in your logo.
5. Your current logo design doesn’t come in a vectorized format.
6. Your logo includes text that’s probably hard to read.
7. You only have 1 version of your logo.
8. You’re still using the same logo design from the time you started your business.

Finally, once you understand the logo design importance, your brand will shine and reflect your true business identity. Contact us to learn more.

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