January 10, 2023

Internet Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

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Internet or digital marketing has become an inevitable part of promoting a business. Taking advantage of the Internet as a useful marketing tool is a powerful way to promote your small business or large enterprise leading to improved customer engagement.

If you are a startup or a small business owner and have little or zero knowledge or experience in creating proper digital marketing for small businesses and a strong online presence, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we write about the most common digital marketing areas that should be covered if you are looking for success when promoting your business online and attracting your target audience.

Digital marketing strategies for small businesses

12 tips on how to improve your business digital marketing strategy

1. Know your audience

What is a target audience? A target audience or target market is a group of people that products or services are aimed toward. This also includes your marketing strategies and efforts directed toward this particular group.

Specific characteristics, for example, age gender, interest, income, or goals define this group (target audience). This means targeting the right audiences can increase conversions and help your business stand out from the competition.

Knowing your target audiences, allows you to customize your digital marketing strategies for different segments of your customer base.

What exactly transformed them from interested prospects into becoming paying customers?

When you know typical customers it’s easier to customize digital strategies you use to engage these customers – no matter if you are using social media platforms, local businesses, newspapers, or any other method.

2. Focus on your goals and objectives

Closely related to getting to know your desired audience, focusing on your goals and objectives is another relevant content marketing strategy tip to help your small business.

Focusing on goals and objectives can be tricky, especially if you have just started exploring the world of marketing. As an owner, you may notice millions of ways to go, but how do you choose the right direction?

It’s important to set a performance goal around one key area of expertise and focus your energy and resources on everything related to that one performance goal. Once you make progress there, you can focus on other initiatives.

Small Businesses Content Marketing

3. Know your competition

Knowing your competitors and what are they offering can help you to make your products or services stand out. It can help you set up prices competitively and use your unique strategies to stand out. You can improve your business performance once you understand the competitor’s weak points.

Online marketing efforts for your business to stand out

4. Build a website

The Internet is turning the world around like never before, therefore if your small business doesn’t have a website yet, you should consider building one. A website is an online presentation of your brand. It helps introduce potential customers to the products or services you offer.

It highlights everything your company does so potential customers can decide whether they like it. It is mandatory to make your website responsive – mobile and tablet friendly to follow recent trends and satisfy customers on the go.

Update your website regularly with a blog, news, or anything that could promote your brand and keep customers engaged. Also, make sure your contact info is listed on every page of the website.

An appealing, well-managed website is the prerequisite to digital marketing. If you need assistance, contact Eggs Media web development company.

Not only is important to have a website, but this website must be optimized for larger and smaller mobile devices as people nowadays are often on the go or using smaller screens to look for information.

Ensure your website is responsive and easily accessible via desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Also, keep in mind your website is user-friendly and provides easy navigation to users.

The website needs to be informative and include relevant details about your brand, products, or services you offer. It’s useful to also have short video content as an introduction to your brand.

5. Create a high-quality content

Content is king – this statement never gets old. With your website content you send information about your business, your goals, objectives, products, or services you provide.

People will more likely engage with your website and your business in general if they can easily find the information they are looking for. A short video clip or infographics are also useful tools to help engage visitors.

Still, keep in mind to not overdo it, and keep the relevant content on the website that explains to potential customers more about your industry, your business, and the products or services you offer.

High-resolution, professional imagery also speaks volumes about small businesses so make sure these are also relevant to your business marketing strategies. If imagery is low resolution or not properly added to the site, visitors will most likely leave.

If you are not certain where to start with content marketing, our recommendation would be to engage a skilled content marketing company that will provide you with more insight and create the most valuable approach for your business websites.

Social media is also a good place to show your content effort, for example, you can share your blog post or you can add informative and useful content to social media presence posts. You may consider a social media marketing strategy to boost your efforts.

Social Media Strategy Prospective Customers

Long-term small business marketing strategies

6. Use free tools for marketing strategies

Depending on the industry you are in, there are many free or paid tools available that can help with digital marketing strategies or running the business in general. For example, various CRMs to maintain customer interactions and relationships.

There are also tools to track your website performance and user engagement; one is Google Analytics, which is completely free to use.

Another great and free tool by Google is Keyword Planner – this tool is a very useful resource for planning and building strong research on relevant keywords paid search and listing relevant to your small business industry.

When it comes to social media and social platforms, a useful tool for scheduling social media posts and driving traffic is Buffer. While the basic options are free, there are also advanced ones that are chargeable.

Once you do your research and determine what would be the most useful for your business, it will be easier to get started with these helpful tools.

7. Promote your small business on social media marketing platforms

As part of internet marketing, social media platforms, in general, have made a great impact on promoting local businesses.

Whether you are looking to connect with customers or share updates about your products/services, digital marketing and promoting on Facebook, Instagram or other social media platforms may significantly improve your business online presence.

It can also build user engagement and overall interest in your products or services. Remember, when creating an ad, Facebook and others allow you to target specific areas, or lifestyles, closely related to your business.

You can also include the option “Call now”, “Learn more”, etc., and make it easier for people to quickly get in touch with you.

As mentioned above, Facebook became a powerful tool to connect with the public, build new business relationships, increase contacts, etc. Thus, the Facebook Local Business page allows you to create events and social media ads that will be displayed in your area.

This way, your small businesses will be more visible to potential customers and engaged in your community.

Digital marketing through a social media platform gives you a liability for directly promoting your brand. All you have to do is prepare a budget and choose the right image and appealing content.

Similar to Facebook, Twitter is also an excellent way to make your small business visible. You should post recent news regularly and use a specific hashtag to target specific followers.

For example, #design might bring many people interested in design to your page, or if you use the local hashtag #Toronto, you could gain interest from Twitter users in your city.

Another useful tip is to get in touch with influencers to create brand awareness. Influencer marketing understands your niche and has the power to connect with others promptly.

They also know which content to post along with what type of photo, reel, or similar.

Consider reaching out to influencers in your niche to add to and potentially improve your small business influencer marketing and strategy.

Keep in mind, that once you find the social media marketing platform that works best for your business, make sure you create a social media content calendar that will help you follow and stick to a regular posting schedule to social media channels.

Digital Presence Email Marketing

8. Manage good client relationships

If you had a good experience with the client and they were satisfied with your products or services, make sure you offer them an extra service or a complimentary discount if they refer you to others.

Encourage them to leave a review for your business and share their experience on social media. Social media marketing and email marketing are great ways for others to engage as well since people will most likely reach out if they notice experiences from others.

Customers love personal attention so the one of successful internet marketing strategies is email marketing so you can easily engage with new customers or existing ones.

You can encourage your clients to write a review on your Google My Business profile or you can post the review on your website as well.

9. Track your web traffic

There are different ways to track your website traffic, but we would recommend Google Analytics as the most thorough and convenient way to perform this task.

Based on your desired audience and goals, this analytics tool will provide you with website performance, user engagement, and more.

You will be able to see the demographics, location, and pages these landing pages website visitors are engaging with – all of which can be significant in developing a good digital strategy for your business.

10. Verify your Google My Business listing to attract customers

Connect your website to Google My Business Listing to increase the possibility of your business being listed at the very top of Google search engine results. Your landing page website and contact info will also be included. People interested in the industry could quickly find your company and get in touch via Google business profile or other platforms.

11. Boost your Google search engine ranking with SEO

If you already have a business and an active website, you have probably tried to search for your business on Google or other search engines and noticed your website is not showing up.

How can this be? If so, you probably were trying to find ways that will help rank on Google Maps or learn how to improve your website’s Google ranking.

Keep in mind Google search engine always aims to rank the most relevant, informative content higher which means hiring a professional content writing agency may be one of the first steps in the process of helping you get your business visible in Google search results.

To determine the best keywords relevant for local searches for your business you should rely on a local SEO strategy which consists of keyword research, buyer/user persona research, and on-page SEO research.

A good local SEO strategy can help you learn how your audience is using search to find information, products, or services online.

It makes your website rank higher and more visible to anyone looking for particular solutions that your business provides.

Just a note to keep in mind in terms of content, there have been multiple researches finding that the average Google first page result contains between 1,500 and 1,800 words.

12. Register your small business on specific portals

Many internet portals are specialized in certain areas where you can register your small business. If your area of expertise is hospitality, portals such as or make a smart choice.

Don’t hesitate to ask your customers to write reviews for your small business as other local customers can read them before trying out a new place.

Many benefits exist in Internet marketing for small businesses, but the most important is to find the right fit for your area of expertise.

Being a part of the Internet can save you time, and space and can benefit your business. Make sure you choose the right strategy.

Start marketing your business today

Small business owners of startups focused on the best way to track their ROI need new marketing strategies. Also, if you are looking to spread brand awareness, digital promoting strategies should be in your focus as well.

Digital marketing strategies are not only a must-have for promoting your products and services, but working on your other internet marketing assets is critical to your business’s overall success.

You may be thinking now there is a long way ahead of you in terms of digital marketing strategy, but any steps you can take can benefit your business and its online presence significantly.

To conclude

Keep in mind to always stay consistent as consistency is key in digital marketing efforts. For example, make sure you update your website as well as social media regularly across multiple platforms.

Additionally, remember that successful internet marketing for small businesses is an ongoing process, and make sure to learn as you go and be willing to adapt your marketing strategies to remain effective.

Stay informed about industry trends and always be on top of potential customer behavior changes.

Your online marketing effort can help polish up your digital marketing strategy, build brand awareness, get organic traffic, and bring ongoing success to your business website and your brand visibility in general.

For more insight, please get in touch with Eggs Media today!

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