November 20, 2014

Email Tracking: Was Your Email Opened?

email tracking

Email tracking seems important nowadays. It can get very disturbing when you sent important information by email to a client but never received an answer. Sending an email is the easiest way of communication. But, usually, you don’t know have your email been successfully sent, and read by the recipient. During times of urgency, you want to be sure the recipient opened and read an email you sent.

This is where the email tracking plugin takes over to help you. The plugin was created by San Francisco-based team Streak and has become a powerful tool that can be used by various professionals. The plugin works as a flexible CRM (customer relation management) and process management system that lives inside the Gmail inbox. This user-friendly email tracking tool makes everyday operations easier – you don’t have to switch from internal (inbox) to external systems anymore.

email tracking-did they read your email

Get organized with email tracking tools

Available for Google Chrome or Safari, this tool can be used by Gmail users. The users can monitor who opened their emails, when, and how many times these emails got viewed. It’s also possible to track the name, location and device details of the person who opened an email. Our website design agency Toronto knows how important this is.

No more excuses! Make sure you respond to an email in a reasonable time manner.

Also, there are other sources providing the same idea. For example, Sidekick is a useful tool also made for Google Chrome and available for Gmail, Outlook, and Apple Mail. With Sidekick, it doesn’t only get easier to track who read your email, but you get to see all the powerful information about your contacts right in your inbox.

Some people find these tools annoying and over-controlling. However, for the most an email tracking represents practical source that has taken business and communication to the next level. Learn more about our services by contacting us today! Also, check out our frequently asked questions here.

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