January 19, 2022 | Web Design/Development

How To Create Urgency In Sales and Drive Conversions- Simple and Proven Ways You Need To Try

Having a nice-looking and highly functional website is unfortunately not the main key that will bring more sales to your door. You’ll have to perform some more action in order to gain more leads that will convert into customers eventually.

Check out our tips on how to create urgency in sales and increase conversions.

Offer Temporary Deals

It’s important to keep in mind that the sense of urgency only exists if people want something. The real urgency is triggered once you put a date and time on something you want to offer. The idea is to put pressure on customers so they get intrigued by the offer. For example, these urgency messaging examples to act quickly:

“Only two days until this offer ends.”
“Only two minutes to register, don’t miss your spot.”

These sentences will trigger urgency in people so they act immediately and buy your product/services. Perhaps, you can add a countdown timer for even more excitement. People acting rapidly on these messages is social proof of how you are triggered by something that is close to not being theirs. Urgent situations push them to react.

Use the Right Words

Words that are time-related are the best ones for this purpose. Psychological trigger words such as: hurry, one-time offer, before it’s gone, today-only, limited-time deal, etc. are on point and will create implied urgency. Sentences you will be using do not have to be too long, but they rather have to be on point. People love when the message is clear and easy to understand and will help them act faster.

Also, if you are using email marketing campaigns, in your subject line make sure to use the wording as mentioned above in order to quickly get people’s attention.

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More Practices on How to Create Urgency

Use Color

It is recommended that the warm color is always best, especially red. However, keep in mind, always follow your branding guidelines so that your message is transparent. A nice layout, imagery, wording, are all good ways to achieve success. Also, it’s nice to have contrast in color, for example, the white/red combination.

Use Scarcity

Scarcity is a popular and successful tactic because people place a higher value on something that is rare or popular. For example, if you inform visitors that the particular product is running low stock, you’ll create a sense of urgency. Of course, people need that product right this moment. Basically, this tactic relies on quantity as you are indicating the number of items left in stock, or the number of items already bought.

Offer Bonus

This tactic is also a nice addition if you are looking to boost sales by creating urgency. Offer free shipping or another free gift item for your first ten potential customers. Anything that will catch the eye of visitors is recommended.

There are numerous tactics to drive urgency and to make people act fast you are the best person to find the most useful tactic that will work for your business, no matter if you are a part of online businesses or another. Never forget about your branding guidelines and try not to use this “urgency tactic” very often as it will create the opposite feeling in people. In addition, make sure you know your audience better so that it’s easier for you to create deals and offers. Create them periodically, from time to time to gain trust and respect quality. Urgency works best if produced in small doses.

If you want to talk further, get in touch with Eggs Media – web design company Toronto.

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