Marret Asset

case study

About the client

Marret Asset Management Inc. is known as the leading firm when it comes to corporate credit strategies and solutions. The firm is a specialist in fixed income management, especially risk management. Marret Asset’s expertise also extends to short-term cash alternatives, investment grade credits and opportunistic distress; their focus also extends to the achievement of positive absolute returns.

As Marret Asset wanted to promote their business in a modern and accessible way, the firm believed that our team at Eggs Media could bring shine and professional appeal to their current website.


The old Marret Asset’s website was evidently outdated, non-responsive and definitely not in line with their business and brand. There was a lack of appropriate user experience and user interface, which was the primary challenge in regards to this project. Our team had to increase the website’s responsiveness as well as the website’s usability.

When it comes to secondary challenges, we must point out the rewriting of the markup in order to fit the AODA compliance level AA. The reason for this lies in the fact that the law will be active and required, starting in 2021. Moreover, the client requested prompt pop-up windows in order to display or hide the content based on the user’s response.

Website Design Objectives

  • Website development on the WordPress CMS platform
  • Website UX and UI design
  • On-site search engine optimization
  • Markup rewriting to fit AODA, compliance level AA
  • On-site pop-up windows
  • Responsive website design


By following the client’s requirements and requests, we have managed to come up with an outstanding design for the website accurately representing the Marret Asset brand. The website was created to be responsive and to offer exceptional user experience.

We have also used various tools to test the accessibility of the website, as well as managed to score the AA level. In regards to the ‘pop-up windows’ request, we have developed a plugin, especially for this functionality.


As a result of this project, we have created an outstanding website that is not only fully responsive and high in usability, but also fully accessible for people with disabilities.