Mark’s Dentistry – Dental Office

case study

About the client

As one of the best Etobicoke’s dental offices, Marks Dentistry is known for outstanding dental services that include family, restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Their comprehensive dental care, as well as modern office, affordable services, flexible hours and competent team, have made Marks Dentistry the number one high-quality dental care provider in Etobicoke, and even farther.

Because we at Eggs Media appreciate dentists and their ability to make anyone smile, the fact that Marks Dentistry awarded us with a web design project meant a lot.


The old Marks Dentistry website was outdated, slow-responding, as well as visually unappealing to potential clients and customers. In order to improve their dental care business, Marks Dentistry approached Eggs Media with a wish for a new website.

The client wanted the new website to be true to their brand, meaning, to have a modern and appealing design, on-site, smooth, minimal and effective animations as well as large, high-resolution images, on-site SEO, and other graphics and branding elements.

Website Design Objectives

  • Website development on the WordPress CMS platform
  • Website UX and UI design
  • Large, high-resolution images
  • Website animation
  • Website optimization
  • Stylesheets and scripts compressions


By following the client’s requirements, we have designed a new website on the WordPress CMS platform. The additional website elements, like the animations, had to be made in line with the website performance and SEO.

Moreover, to create a website worthy of a trusted, successful and experienced dental care provider, we had to create an outstanding online experience. Therefore, the website was designed with the thought of being as mobile-friendly as possible, alongside having smooth transitions, fading, and large HD images, none of which affected the website’s performance.

We have also done stylesheets and scripts compressions, and, in order to improve performance and loading speed, we also ensured defer loading of JS.


The project resulted in a modern, minimalistic, yet aesthetically and visually pleasing website that is entirely true of the Marks Dentistry brand.