TAI Reinsurance Systems

case study

About the client

By offering an all-in-one reinsurance administration software solution, TAI has become a unique, leading group of life reinsurance systems. Powered by comotion a technology vision behind TAI lies in the idea of life insurance simplicity, availability, and application that to benefit various companies in different expertise areas.

Because TAI is a compelling business, they needed a website update that will represent their experience and success. That is where our team at Eggs Media was assigned for a website redesign project for TAI.


TAI’s old website was quite simplistic and very straightforward, but it lacked the notion of uniqueness and definitely wasn’t in line with the TAI brand. Therefore, TAI requested a thorough website, mainly page redesign that will encompass everything TAI has to offer. The client was especially particular about the page design as well as the colour scheme, so the website would also be aesthetically appealing.

Website Design Objectives

  • Website development on the WordPress CMS platform
  • Website UX and UI design
  • On-site search engine optimization
  • Clean and modern layout
  • Particular colour scheme
  • Stylesheets and scripts compress


By working closely with the client and by following their detailed requirements, we have focused on creating an efficient, coherent, streamlined and overall visually effective and appealing website. Our designers worked alongside the development team to provide the client with an outstanding website, and their customers with an exceptional online experience.

Moreover, in order to minimize and compress the stylesheets and scripts, the website was developed mobile-first, using the Sass preprocessors and tools. As a result, we have enhanced the performance and the loading time of the website. Additionally, some parts of the website were also optimized in regards to the upcoming versions of PHP 7.x. This would enable the website to be even faster after the PHP updates.


Once the redesign was completed, the client was amazed by the new, modern and sleek appearance of the website, as well as its responsiveness and functionality. The website has been attracting positive feedback, and more importantly, new customers.