Rescue Road Trips (RRT)

case study

About the client

Rescue Road Trips is an Ohio based rescue, as well as a low-cost transportation service for Rescue Dogs. Rescue Road Trips operates in the Deep South, offering services in the transportation of dogs who are homeless, abandoned or unwanted.

The humane transports are enabled by the Road Rescue Trips team, as well as all the good people who support them through donations. The Rescue Road Trips team believes that each dog deserves a loving and caring owner, as well as a home, so they are always quick to take the precious dogs to a place where they’ll be appreciated and loved.

We at Eggs Media were especially excited when the Road Rescue Trips team contacted and awarded us with a project that would make their website fresh and more functional. And, for the love of all dogs out there, we did our best to make the website in line with the excellent work the Road Rescue Trips team provides.


The old RRT’s website was heavily outdated, non mobile-friendly and had no additional site functionalities. The website also lacked appropriate user experience and user interface, providing an outdated layout, no particular order and content organization. We believe that the old website was based on the ‘F pattern layout,’ however, for this specific website, this concept wasn’t suitable. Therefore, our client requested a modern and fresh visual appearance for their current website.

The primary challenge, alongside creating and adapting images, was to create complex donation forms as well as providing a custom solution regarding a geolocation map. The client wanted to be able to tag their geolocation on a map, showing the exact time and location of their routes and trucks.

Website Design Objectives

  • Website development on the WordPress CMS platform
  • Website UX and UI design
  • On-site search engine optimization
  • Custom geolocation map
  • Image edit and adaptation
  • Complex donation forms


By following the client’s detailed requirements, we were able to create a custom solution regarding the geolocation map-tag website functionality. We also managed to edit, prepare and adapt all the provided images according to the client’s wishes.

By referring to the principles of web design with an emphasis on responsive design, we were also able to organize and order all the elements provided. We have also implemented the donation forms with PayPal and Stripe payments.


As a result of this project, we have created an outstanding website, that even the dogs at the Rescue Road Trips would love. The website now has a clean and modern layout, excellent user experience and overall functionality, with the donation forms and geolocation map.