At Eggs Media – website design Toronto company you will always find a solution for a better online presentation of your brand. Not only we care experts in creating websites that thrill customers, but we also make sure your website is highly functional and performs beautifully. Our Toronto website design team provides no less than remarkable service. We are experts in various programming languages and always follow the latest trends in design and development.

If you want to improve your brand online, boost your presence, and invest in business growth, you should contact us. Professional looking website will bring leads to your door. Spend enough time researching the company you are thinking about partnering with. All too often, business owners don’t spend enough time finding out about the agency they are about to invest corporate dollars in, and as a result, experience far less than they bargained for. If your current search for a Toronto website design agency has led you to Eggs Media, we invite you to discover why more locals prefer our services to the competition.

Our goal is to craft web design with a perfect balance of style and function. Our team has the ability to combine graphic elements with technical proficiency. If you are looking for a way to boost your online presence and improve your business, get in touch with us today!

We can assist you in finding the best solution for your unique brand and by combining graphic elements, right content, engaging images, we can create a website that will speak to the audience. We always start our process with a discussion to learn more about your business vision.

Our experienced team always follows most recent design and development trends while providing unique solutions for our clients.


This is how we roll! A smart strategy is essential in taking
your business on the path of success.


Before starting with the planning and choosing the best strategy, our team will conduct an in-depth analysis about your company, your competitors and the overall goals you are targeting with a new website and your online presence. We will also make sure to understand your target audience to provide the best possible solution. A proper strategy, in-depth research and quality communication are the key to achieving the winning website design solution. Rest assured, our professional and experienced team never starts with the development process before the discovery phase has been completed. We want to know more about your company. What are your goals? What target audience are you planning to reach? Tell us about the message you are looking to send out? All these aspects are essential for us to understand your unique requirements in more detail. After a discovery process, we will move onto choosing the right strategy for your project. Without a properly conducted discovery phase, it isn't easy to find the best solution. Our goal is to learn more about your brand to work together in order to achieve a fantastic website design result that will highly impact your online presence and bring more of the right audience.


Now that the discovery process has been completed and our team has conducted an in-depth analysis and research about each and every aspect related to your company, we are ready to move forward into working together to choose the right strategy for your particular project. Our project management team gathers all the information and material collected in the discovery phase to deliver the winning and unique plan and strategy for you. During this phase, we will create wireframes, website outlines and start working on the mockup design. Mockup design is essential to see your future website's general layout. We use it as a base in the design process. It allows us to make potential changes if needed before starting with the development. We never start with the development before the client approves of the mockup design. We will also work closely with you to provide directions regarding content and other material we would potentially need from you. Once these phases have been accomplished, we confidently move forward with the design and development. Our highly skilled and experienced design and development team has got all the information needed to create an excellent website that will make your business stand out from the competition.


Here is where we shine! We learned more about your company through our discovery process, and we are ready to start transforming ideas into reality. As we create a beautiful website representing your business in the best way possible, we also will work closely with you to make sure we are on the right track. We have experienced only positive feedback from our past clients regarding our approach and our unique designs. We first create a homepage mockup design that will act as a template for your future website. Everything in the design process is possible to change and adjust to your unique requirements. The design process is very flexible, and our design team is more than happy to assist every step of the way. We aim to combine graphic design, relevant content and professional, high-quality images into the website that will speak highly of your company/brand. We want to ensure your website and your business gets noticed. We are experts in website design and development and will create a final product to convey the right message to your audience. Not only will your website look visually appealing, but it will also be highly functional, responsive and user friendly.


During the development process, our team will start using complex code to build a functional and user-friendly website. Our experienced development team will ensure that your website follows the latest trends and technologies relevant for achieving various features and functionality. We are constantly working hard to build the most functional and advanced website to serve your business and your online presence long term. We usually recommend having a website built in WordPress as it is one of the most popular and user-friendly platforms nowadays. It has got hundreds of plugins used for various technical features and functionalities. Also, it allows you to make simple changes to your website without anyone's help. If your website has to be more customized, we can also use other technical languages to support all the functionalities required. For more complex and advanced features and functionalities, we can build websites using various languages such as PHP, HTML, CSS, Sass, JavaScript or Laravel. We are experts in custom web development. Whichever platform you choose, our team will work hard to develop the website you have always envisioned. This website will support all the functionalities required. Our goal is to make you happy and significantly improve your online presence.


Yes, we made it to the finish line! Your brand new website is ready to launch. Thus this is an exciting part of the website building process; however, it is not as simple as it sounds. Launching a website requires thorough testing to make sure everything is working smoothly without errors. We also make sure your website is fully responsive and, if needed, AODA compliant. Our web developers also will perform a speed test, check all the links and test online forms. We will review your website’s performance in various browsers and on different devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones). We never make a website live without performing in-depth testing. We will review all the technical aspects of the website’s performance and ensure that the content is proofread and clean of grammatical errors. In terms of SEO, we perform on-site SEO on all our websites (alt tags, meta descriptions, etc.). Once everything has been tested, our team will transfer the website to its hosting location and connect everything with your domain. If you still need assistance once the site is up and running, we can proudly provide you with our Ongoing support, our unique in-house-made product (application). We’ve got you covered once the website is live.

If you are a business owner, it’s imperative that you are firmly established online and are able to compete with others in your industry. A powerful web design is necessary to gain a foothold in the search engines and connect with your target audience. It starts by finding an agency that delivers results- but it doesn’t end there. Once you find the best you can achieve great results.

Professional web design is more than just a great looking site; it’s also one that performs up to the current standards in the marketing industry – something that is always changing and making new demands on marketing agents. Our experts understand the nuances of the field and employ expertise and skill to deliver a world-class product that gets noticed. Not only does a professional website design attract Toronto visitors to your site, but it also makes the entire process of finding the right information streamlined.

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Eggs Media is home to experienced Toronto website design professionals who understand the importance of high performance, stunning, user-friendly and responsive websites. We can make your business stand out from the competition by implementing our skills and expertise into the unique online presentation of your brand. We are eager to start working with you on your next project in order to create a beautiful website that fits your brand and amplifies your company’s message to the world.

We are experienced in designing the ultimate websites. We combine our expertise, technology, and creativity to develop an astonishing online solution. Our customer-oriented approach and proper strategy can lead your business to the top! When you engage with us, even once the website project is completed, we still will be open to assisting you with any issues you might be experiencing along the way.

Eggs Media knows what it takes to deliver an award-winning website that will not only get noticed but will perform to your satisfaction. Our custom-crafted websites will ensure you are seen in your local community and beyond. User-friendly navigation, engaging content and high performance will ensure any visitors who land on your homepage will stick around and want to find out more about your company.

Trust us to give your business an edge in the current competitive landscape. We can help in taking your business in the desired direction, through services created to get you noticed online in a favourable light.

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