June 25, 2015

Web Design Toronto Tips – How to Choose the Right Keywords

web design toronto tips

So, you get yourself a new website. Congrats! But to make it stand out from the competition there are some significant things to consider. As a web design Toronto company, we know how important is to choose the right keywords when it comes to search engine optimization. We also know that SEO provides better online visibility for your website and helps you get more leads/clients. Read our SEO tips bellow:

Here are some tips to help you choose the right keywords so your website can rank well in search engines.

Identify relevant keywords

There are different online tools to help you identify the right keywords, but it’s always better to think about them yourself because you know best how your business works and what would attract potential customers. You can always use Google Keyword Planner tool that will give you an idea of terms Google is driving people to bid on. Also, this tool can help you examine what you really want to achieve.

Choose keywords specific for your business

Choose realistic keywords that could bring the best outcome for your business. Maybe ask yourself what keywords would you use when searching for a business similar to yours? If you are a web design Toronto company, which keywords come in mind first? What do you want to achieve? Also, better avoid keyword stuffing. Rather find something unique that works well for your business and could attract potential customers.

Web Design Toronto: Choose the right keywords

web design toronto

Check out your competition

You can always check out the competition by looking for them in search engines. Read the first page’s content and check the keyword usage from others. Of course, you don’t want to copy anyone, so try to figure out something more accurate and more relevant to YOUR business.

Check out your audience

A keyword is a set of characters combined to provide information and answers. For example, if a user conducts a search for “web design Toronto company” what exactly he wants? A web design Toronto service? A web design Toronto course? Or something else? Search engines such a Google exist to guess the right answer. Also, you should focus on what exactly you want to achieve.

Finally, when adding keywords to your website, it is important to include your keyword in 6 places on each page of your site. This way, search engines identify the subject of your page, as well as rank your page in search results.

1. Page Title
2. Meta Description
3. Header
4. Sub Header
5. Body Paragraphs
6. Image Alt Tags

Therefore, if your keyword is “web design Toronto“, your meta description would be, for example: “As a successful web design Toronto company, we provide high quality, responsive and modern websites.”

Remember, always use smart analysis, a clear context and listen to your audience. Good luck!

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