csa custom balloons website design

Website Redesign of Retail Website – CSA Balloons in Canada

CSA Balloons is a successful custom balloon production company. They reached out to our web design company Toronto wanting us to do redesign their existing website since it was not performing well due to many factors, but the main factor was that it was pretty outdated. To fully refresh this website we used the latest trends in web design and by using WordPress as CMS we were able to create a beautiful, user-friendly, fast loading and responsive website that would bring more visitors wanting to learn more about this business and potentially become customers. This reputable company deserved a website that is highly professional and informative. To show how successful they truly are, we focused on using bold colours, large elements and loads of content. We also used high-resolution photos to show what they have to offer. Now, the client has got a website that represents their brand in the best possible light.

CATEGORY: Web Design
PROJECT DATE: April, 2016