mobile usability issues

Mobile Usability Issues – Warning Sent by Google

In the past few days, users have reported unusual notifications sent to them by Google. These mass notifications are being sent via Google Webmaster Tools or email. They contain the following subject message: “Fix mobile usability issues found on…” and then goes an explanation that these sites have critical mobile usability errors of their pages.

Typically, Google only notified those sites that are not mobile-friendly which could cause mobile usability issues for them if they want to rank well in search engines.

Since today’s lifestyle requires constant connectivity, users expect to find the information, when they want and where they want while on the go. For this reason, Google cares about website ranking. Also, recent studies show that mobile visitors will more likely revisit mobile-friendly websites.

mobile usability issues

Resolving mobile usability issues for a better search experience

With these notifications, Google tries to remind webmasters that their websites are not mobile friendly and issues a warning in order to raise their awareness about this problem. It is crucial to assure your viewers can approach your website from various devices. If your website can’t provide this simple, yet beneficial element, you can’t expect significant feedback. Not having a mobile friendly website might discourage your viewers from becoming customers.

Since this is the first time Google is sending these particular notifications, there is an obvious sign that a new algorithm might launch in the near future. Still, there is no official confirmation from Google.

Just for a reminder, Google has been testing mobile usability since November 2013., as well as they launched a mobile friendly icon. This small tool shows up in search engines and seems extremely helpful. This way users have better opportunity to browse throughout favourite sites.

If you want to fix mobile usability issues for your website, consider checking Google Webmaster support.

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