March 14, 2022

Key Features Your Homepage Should Include

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Best Website Homepage Practices

The homepage is the first web page visitors see when they arrive on the website. You get a chance to leave the first impression only once, meaning your website’s homepage is the most important page on your site.

The purpose of the website homepage design is to engage visitors, lead them to the right content and eventually get them to get in touch with you.

There are many aspects in web design that need to be considered for a successful website and most importantly home page of website.

Keep in mind it only takes a few seconds to entice visitors so make sure you follow the right pattern in website homepage design. 

Tips on Homepage Features

After working with many clients on various projects and helping them build or improve their website layout, we have learned what exactly needs to be present on your homepage in order to get them to kickstart the conversation with you.

Below are a few key benefits or features your homepage design should include. For more info on homepage website design, reach out to our team.

The very first thing your visitors see is the logo. Place it on the top left side in the header area and adjust it to consistently appear while scrolling down the page.

The logo is the core of your business’ branding and identity and it represents your products and services so that your clients recognize and connect with your business/brand.

It is not necessary to enlarge it as this may leave a negative impression on visitors.

Other than your business/brand logo, what makes the impression on visitors are your client’s logo examples which you can put just below the header to get the most reaction.

These logos/testimonials act as social proof that your business is worth getting in touch with.

This is fairly simple and gets straight to the point. You can place these logos/testimonials on a particular landing page or all landing pages.

When a visitor arrives at your well designed and up to date homepage, these testimonials will catch their eye immediately.

2. Navigation

Provide your visitors with a clear path into your website from a homepage starting point.

The purpose of the homepage is to intrigue your target audience and serve as a hub that will lead to other areas of your website.

This being said, you need to ensure the top navigation is clear and straightforward. If you need help improving your navigation menu, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

We can provide you with UX tips or do the hard work for you by adjusting the navigation the right way.

Every business is different and the navigation menu should reflect that, but some of the most common navigation examples are: About Us, Our Services, Contact Us.

The main purpose is to lead visitors in the right direction so they find the information they are looking for.

homepage key features eggs media blog

Successful Website Homepage Should be Informative and Clear

3. Headline

It only takes a few seconds for the website (homepage) to communicate with your visitors. A successful header should present what you have to offer.

Usually, this is a few sentences of powerful and clear text that will present your brand best.

This text should be designated as H1 (heading 1) for purposes of search engine optimization (SEO).

It also should include the name of your industry and a keyword that will bring the most traffic to your audience and that is valuable to your potential clients.

4. CTA

A call to action (CTA) is the way to lead visitors to inner pages, begin communicating with you or become a client relationship. CTA is an incredibly important must have in website home design.

The primary calls to action buttons or banners can be linked to contact forms, subscription forms, or other pages that provide more relevant information.

You must ensure that the primary call to action is clearly visible and easy to find by visitors as they will most likely spend more time on the website and eventually get in touch with you.

Every successful homepage uses primary and secondary calls to action to direct visitors to the next level (page, button, etc).

5. Text Content

Content is definitely a key for the success of any website, especially its homepage.

Explain what are your products, services, what sets you apart and include as much engaging content as possible.

Textual content needs to be written clearly, it has to be informative and help visitors learn more about your brand.

Optimize your content for SEO purposes and better conversions.

It’s recommendable that your content is optimized to meet SEO standards in order to increase more impressions by Google.

Having product or service information present on the homepage helps your page rank higher for those services in search engines.

You can write the content yourself if you are skilled, but if you are struggling, make sure to hire a professional copywriter to write the entire website copy. 

Consider our SEO services to increase traffic.

6. Images

Images are a good way to help people engage. People are visual and they are able to connect with certain images more quickly than with text.

It’s always better to use someone using your products or services that showcase just a product itself. Viewers will connect better when seeing another human using a particular product.

We always follow the best homepage design examples and practices.

Make sure you use high-resolution professionally taken photos on your website. If you wish to make sure your website homepage is not just brochure wear, it’s also nice to have interactive web design as an ultimate example of a modern and engaging overall look.

7. Social Media

Social media icons do not always have to be a part of the homepage of website, but this is something that shows the legitimacy of your business and having the social media icons prominently visible allows visitors to check out your business in a slightly different light.

Visitors may reach out to you via social media if that is an easier way for them. They also prefer reading what other people have to say about you and this is something they can find on your social media profile as well.

Social media is social proof of integrity and trust. Also, it stands as social proof of your business legitimacy online.

8. Footer

The Footer area is a valuable part of the website as there is where visitors can see your contact information (business phone, location, social media icons).

Also, legal information (Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions), as well as most of the time the navigation pages, are placed in the footer so that visitors can access other pages without scrolling back to the top.

You can also add the secondary call to action, final call to action or a subscription element there. The footer area should be straightforward and useful to website visitors.

9. Responsive

Homepage and other most important web pages have to be highly optimized to be accessible on various devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops.

All our websites are mobile-friendly.

This is a must in website design in today’s mobile world as the number of visitors using these devices to find information on particular products and services is above average.

You must ensure your website is fully optimized and avoid losing potential clients only because they cannot open your website homepages on multiple devices. Visitors must have easy access.

Get in Touch With Eggs Media to Learn More

All these tips stated above are useful for anyone who is looking to recreate and reoptimize their homepage or the website in general.

Website design trends are changing, key elements in website homepage design have not changed significantly.

We are experts in crafting unique websites.

If your website needs an upgrade, contact website creators at Eggs Media and let’s discuss a potential collaboration and how we can help reach more of a target audience.

We are experts in website design, content optimization and more and rest assured will perform an outstanding job for you.

If you are looking to have a new website built or to redesign the existing one, we are here to help!

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We can also gladly show you our homepage examples (homepage designs) that will help with your decision.

Whether you are looking to have a custom wedding website done, or for a small business, financial industry website or else, we have worked with various industries and delivered a successful final product. We have created the most brilliant homepages.

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