November 04, 2014

The Idea of Mobile-Friendly Icon

mobile friendly icon

According to several reports from users in the past month, some changes have been made by Google. It seems like Google has been testing a new icon in the mobile search results that indicates whether the search result page link is or is not mobile-friendly. First, Google started with a mobile-friendly icon and, a couple of weeks later they introduced reverse one that indicates a non-friendly link. These small, but significant icons are only visible to smartphone users.

mobile friendly icon

In addition, users have recently noticed another innovation from Google lab that is slightly different from the mobilefriendly icon. A gray textual phrase that reads “mobile-friendly” and appears on the right side of the link.

mobile friendly textual phrase

Mobile friendly icon as a practical searching tool

Apparently, Google has been trying to improve the mobile search experience. Viewing a non-mobile website could be a frustrating and tiresome process for customers, especially if they are planning to make a purchase. Consequently, viewers might not even give a chance to the non-mobile friendly websites that will probably save their precious time. Users could get frustrated when realizing that the page they ended up with is not mobile-friendly. Because of today’s mobile lifestyle, these small improvements are often very helpful. With multi-screen customers in mind, Google has been highly innovative and enabled easier and faster content viewing. Trust Eggs Media web design company that combines innovation with technology.

Be ready for a change

Although the appearance of the small icons gets discontinued, Google was influential by announcing possible future changes. It’s no secret that the mobile-friendly icon has caused curiosity from viewers. So, if you want to engage your website viewers and catch their attention, you must focus on the properly created website. It should have all the benefits that would improve your customer’s satisfaction. You can achieve this by responsive web design or mobile application development. Get in touch with Eggs Media to learn more.

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