December 12, 2014

Ready for Google Penguin Update?

penguin update

For all of you out there who are not familiar with Penguin, here is a short introduction. Penguin update was launched by Google for the first time two years ago, in April 2012. The primary function of this algorithm is to target and fight web spam that appears in search results. Also, it’s function is to penalize and decrease the ranking of sites that violate Google’s Webmaster Tools.

A year later, Google released the next generation – Penguin 2.0 which is slightly different due to several technical updates hadn’t provided in the previous one.

Finally, today, we have Penguin 3.0 which supposed to serve better and have more add-on’s than the previous ones, especially because Google releases it with a delay. But still, the process has not finished yet. After Google launched 3.0 update, there have been some other changes – 3 in the same week! It seems like they are trying to resolve some major issues and shake things up before holidays! Here is the current schedule:

Penguin 3.1 on November 27, 2014 (confirmed by Google, no impact given, Google considers part of Penguin 3.0)
Penguin 3.2 on December 2, 2014 (not confirmed by Google but based on publisher reports)
Penguin 3.3 on December 5, 2014 (not confirmed by Google but based on publisher reports)
Penguin 3.4 on December 6, 2014 (not confirmed by Google but based on publisher reports)

What you need to know about Penguin update?

The Penguin update focuses on all of those websites that have bad SEO techniques such as keyword stuffing, meaningless, irrelevant content, over-optimized content or low-quality backlinks. According to the latest reports, Penguin update has impacted around 1% of all English queries. Although this is not a huge number, better prepare because Google has been making similar changes more often than before. No one wants to receive a penalty! Good content is important so make sure you contact Eggs Media for SEO content writing services.

penguin update

However, Google has a single goal in mind: to serve up better, as well as to provide a more relevant search result.
The best way for protection is to stay away from harmful practices. Make sure to create high-quality content, easy to read, user-friendly and with reliable, outgoing links. Make your website to be the relevant source of information, followed by responsive, high-quality images. Also, integrate your site with as much social media sites as possible. Internet marketing and SEO are extremely important. Please contact us today! Our SEO company Toronto will be happy to help you!

As long as you act like professional avoiding rookie mistakes, your website will be safe from any future updates from Penguin, Panda or any other algorithm. Learn more from Eggs Media!

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