August 10, 2016

Google AMP: What it Means for You & Your Web Designer

google amp

Google AMP and your website

Have you heard of Google AMP yet? It stands for “Accelerated Mobile Pages” and it’s an open-source project that aims to help web publishers make mobile-friendly content that loads much more quickly. It’s also designed to deliver a better mobile experience by ensuring that websites display properly across multiple devices and platforms.

What does it mean for your website?

Initially, Google AMP is focused on news websites. However, this project is also relevant to other online publishers, from e-commerce sites to all kinds of different websites. Apparently, since Google is backing AMP, it goes without saying that they will factor these sites into their search rankings. You can also assume that AMP adoption will be high for this reason.

Google AMP and SEO

Google has said that sites that use AMP won’t see a “massive boost” in their search rankings. However, Google has practiced “site speed” as a ranking factor for quite some time now, so any technology that improves this aspect of a website will also enhance its search ranking. Plus, if Google AMP powered websites load more quickly, they will likely see a much lower bounce rate. Our website development Toronto company also offers SEO packages. Learn more about our SEO company Toronto services.

google accelerated mobile pages project

That is another SEO ranking factor to keep in mind.

UX and Google AMP

This latest technology will also affect the design and user experience. Currently, some technologies that power websites or make them look and feel a certain way do not work correctly with AMP. This is because the technology restricts how you can use certain codes and scripts to make pages load more quickly. Web designers and UX designers will keep keeping these facts in mind when designing websites for Google AMP.

The future

Google AMP has a much greater likelihood of becoming a widely adopted standard and the future of the mobile web than other technologies due to the simple fact that Google is backing it. Obviously, Google is a search engine powerhouse so, when it decides to do something, a lot of people follow.

That means that all website designers, web developers, UX experts and SEO professionals should give it some serious consideration. Get in touch with Eggs Media to learn more! Check out more about our web design company Toronto.

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