March 19, 2015 | SEO

Google Adwords vs Bing Ads - 8 Major Differences

Most search engine marketers are familiar with Google AdWords and Bing/Yahoo Ads as two of the most popular PPC advertising platforms available today. Both have a significant advantage and allow sophisticated targeting and reporting. Still, most search engine marketers trust Google AdWords only. However, they are slightly different. In this article, we will highlight some major differences related to the Google Adwords vs Bing Ads battle.

1. Traffic / Search market share

Google has around 60% of the market, and it is by far the largest search engine out there. A combined market share of the Bing and Yahoo is less than 30%. If you are advertising on Bing/Yahoo only, the possibility to reach the audience is 1/3 of all searches. If you already use Google AdWords, your targeted audience will exceed up to 90%. You should give it a try and see if the combination of both makes any difference.

2. Language targeting

Although, the “mother tongue” of the Internet is English, there are other important languages we can’t ignore. At this point, Google has the lead. Google offers over 40 language options and on the other side, Bing offers only 6 language options for campaign targeting and reporting.

3. Writing

Writing an ad is slightly different. When writing in AdWords, there are two separate lines (70 characters) while Bing has only one line (71 characters). Technically, this doesn’t make much difference, but for some marketers does. It could be a bit easier to write in only one line.

4. Auto-tagging

This feature helps in tracking offline conversions. With Google AdWords, tagging the destination URLs setup is automatic. In Bing Ads, it has to be performed manually.

Google Adwords vs Bing Ads: What to choose?

5. Conversion rate reporting

Google AdWords allow you to get a full report immediately whenever requested. Bing doesn’t have this option, and if you want to see all search queries, you have to download a full report. To learn more about our SEO services, get in touch with us!

6. Negative keywords option

When you enter a keyword as a negative match in Google AdWords, Google search engine will treat it as a broad match which means you reduced the number of “irrelevant” keywords for your business.
On the other side, Bing Ads does not support broad match negative keywords.

7. Usability

For most search engine marketers out there, Google AdWords is easy to use, well structured, easy to navigate and offers the vast of additional options, such as contact info, business address and more. When considering Google AdWords vs Bing Ads, this might be relevant.

8. Price

As the most popular advertising platform in the market, Google AdWords has a lot higher cost per click compared to Bing Ads. For Google advertisers who spend more than $500,00 per year on campaigns, the money is not the issue. However, for the small advertisers (business owners, start-ups, etc.) the money spent on campaigns is crucial. Small advertisers usually strive to get conversions with a limited budget. If you are a small business or startup, you should consider Bing Ads as an option. As a web development company, we like to take advantage of different options.

While the battle between Google AdWords vs Bing Ads goes on, there is only one conclusion. Set up your campaign the way you think is the best for your business. Focus on the relevant market, conduct your research, test both platforms and see which one works best. After all, the most important is to get leads no matter which search engine you use. Get in touch with our web design company today!

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