October 13, 2016

Choosing a Website Development Company or a Freelancer

choosing website development company

Choosing between a website development company and a freelancer is not always easy. There are many aspects to consider before deciding on the best creator for your future website. However, your primary focus should be your business or the specific needs of the project. Also, it is important to learn the difference between a website development company and a freelancer. Below are the Toronto web design company tips on both options.

A website development company is a group of professionals that operate together under the same company name. The company is legally registered and follows certain rules with regard to its professional structure. The same as with our web development agency, there are individuals assigned to perform a particular set of duties. For example, web design, programming, or internet marketing.

On the other hand, a freelance designer is usually one person that performs most of the work. Furthermore, this individual is independent, self-employed who takes projects from the clients and takes responsibility for everything – web design, graphic design, programming, etc. Knowing that, here are a few things to be aware of before making a decision.

Cost and quality

Keep in mind that the website is an investment that requires extensive planning. You want your website to be a beautiful presentation of your brand, to show your authority and to promote your goods or services. Overall, freelancers are probably going to be cheaper than any website development company, but there are some important things to consider before making a decision. Would you also be getting the expertise, quality, and safety you need? Would the quality and the ability to meet deadlines be equal? However, keep in mind that the website development company follows the industry standards to ensure an efficient and professional website. As with the freelancer, the quality depends on his / her individual skills. At Eggs Media – website development Toronto company, the main focus is to cover all the beneficial details ensuring our customer’s satisfaction.

website development company

Professionalism and expertise

With a website development company, your website will be designed by a professional team of web designers and developers. Also, an internet marketing team will ensure your website gets noticed online. On the other hand, if you hire a freelancer, your website will be designed and developed by someone who’s looking to earn some part-time money. A website development company has a dedicated team assigned for each specialty; a freelance developer specializes in only 1 or 2 areas.

Customer support and security

A website development company offers dedicated customer support always ready to assist with any issues you may have. From the moment the contract is signed to the moment the website is launched, the team of professionals will guide you through specific topics. The freelancer may not have the time or competence to answer all your questions. Also, when choosing a website development company, you will get proper paperwork and documentation that offers you protection from possible legal risks in the future. That type of protection is not available when choosing a freelancer.

Is the website development company better than a freelancer?

Knowing these details should help you when choosing the best provider in representing your brand. There is no clear definition if one provider is good and the other is bad. They both will do the job and deliver a website. However, the most important is to focus on your business needs and to do your research before making the decision. If you decide to choose a professional company, feel free to contact Eggs Media to learn more about our website design services. We have just been recognized as a leading web design company in Canada!

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